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  • Six Matrix

    Hmmmm, good list and all, but The Last of Us is already available on PS4. Though I would have placed Uncharted (all 3 games) at No.1 🙂

  • Guest

    None of those are worth it.

  • Bilal Prince- Ali

    i cant recommend playing The Last Of Us before buying a PS4 because TLOU genuinely is soooo much more incredible on the PS4 that id recommend waiting to play it on PS4 first

  • Cameron

    I would have put uncharted 3 in lue of uncharted 2 simply because uncharted 4 is it’s direct sequel. all are good games however.

  • joel

    finished the last of us on ps3. im waiting for the last of us 2 for ps4

  • aref

    two years ago im finished the last of us on ps3 … the best game ever. waiting for new games for ps4(uncharted 4-the last of us 2 &…)

  • Floodclaw

    Half of these games -are- on PS4. Heavy Rain, God of War III, All the Uncharted games, The Last of Us, to memory.

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