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  • Jacob Shaddock

    It says that since the first 3074 has already been used, It can’t do it again

    • you need to delete it and add it again


    do you just use 3074 or the whole thing i.e. 3074, 27014-27050

    • if 3074 resolve your problem you don’t need to put all of them, if not then you have to add them.

    • steve hall

      use all the numbers, but put a comma in between. Basically just copy and paste.

  • Tommy

    In my network my router or my main thing that everybody says to click properties on just isn’t there and yes I’m connected if anyone could help I’d appreciate

    • what is your network router

      • Tommy

        AT&T u verse is my router if that’s what you mean

        • Send a screenshot of your router configuration

          • Tommy

            I know it’s a little far fetch but could you text me it would be so much easier for me you’d be the biggest help. 810-964-2202 just say you’re Khorram if you decide to do so. Thank you so much

          • Tommy

            810-964-2202 text me please

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