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  • Matt

    Awesome! Thank you for this!

  • DarkSoulsJunkie

    I have discovered the ultimate weapon upgrade farming solution.
    Go to the Dragon Aerie, walk of the hill, and cross the bridge. In front of you is a body that holds a bonfire ascetic. I found out that the bonfire ascetic respawns when you burn another bonfire ascetic. First of all, that’s great to hear because I’m always looking for places like that. But even better, Dragon Aerie withholds an absurd amount of petrified dragon bones, twinkling titanite , titanite chunks, etc… This means you can respawn the dragons, chrystal lizards, and items on the ground. Also, if you’re being a scumbag, you can get here at low soul-memory using the agape ring and fully upgrade Havel’s armor.

    Farm on Soul junkies!

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