Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin – Weapons, Armor and other Items New Locations Guide

In Scholar of the First Sin some of the items are moved from their original locations, (Dark Souls locations) like some armor, weapons, shields and Rings. Now you can find them at the new locations which are given below in this guide.

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Weapons New Locations:

For now we have located 13 new locations for the weapons in Scholar of the First Sin, which are listed below.

Black Scorpion Stinger:

You will get this sword as a gift from the Man-Scorpion himself after you defeat The Duke’s Dear Freja. But remember you must have the Ring of Whispers to speak to him.

Black Witch Staff:

This stfuu now can be found in a mimic in Aldia’s keep, but to open it you need Aldia’s key and pull the lever in room, which will release all monsters in hall, slay them all first and then you can get stuff from wooden mimic chest in the same room.

Chaos Rapier:

You can buy this Chaos Rapier form Felkin now, along with the Chaos Shield in Huntsman’s Corpse.

Dragon’s Tooth:

Havel’s weapon of choice can now be found in Belfry Luna in the area beneath the bonfire with the killer dogs and NPC invader.

Grand Lance:

The Grand Lance can now be found near King’s Door in Forest of Fallen Giants and can be acquired after killing the Last Giant.

Forlorn Weapons (Greatsword & Scythe):

This Set now can be acquired from Straid. One set is avaliable for sale per every time you kill. Thus, you must kill him six times to get all his stuff including his armor.

Heide Knight Sword:

This Sword now can be farmed from Heide Knights in Heide’s Tower of Flame. If you wish to acquire this weapon quickly, then you have to use the coin found in Majula for a temporary boost which should stack with item-discovery enhancing shield found later in the level.

Heide Knight Spear:

You can get this weapon from the Heide Knight in a cell of Sinner’s Rise.

Heide Knight Greatlance:

This one now can be acquired in the upper Gutter, there is a Heide’s Knight, slay him and loot the weapon.

Staff of Wisdom:

Staff of Wisdom can now be found in Tseldora’s Royal Army Camp where you find Dark Leggings.

Washing Pole:

One can be found in the poison gas pit after the Mines bonfire in Harvest Valley, the pit which is outside of the building housing the Covetous Demon. Second one is located in Drangleic Castle. After the room where the Old Knight Hammer is located, the wooden chest upstairs (which is actually a mimic) drops a Washing Pole and Petrified Something.

Work Hook:

The Work Hook has been moved to the mimic with the dark gauntlets (same location as before).


In the Iron Keep, make the jump to the ledge where there’s a skeleton holding a Petrified Dragon Bone. (Where the Dull Ember used to be in the old version of the game, IIRC.) From there, climb up a ladder and you’ll find the Zweihander.

Shields New Locations:

For now we have located 3 new locations for Shields in Scholar of the First Sin, which are listed below.

Blossom Kite Shield:

The Blossom Kite Shield can now be found in Sinner’s Rise near the Lost Sinner boss fight.

Chaos Shield:

You can buy this one form Felkin in Huntsman’s Corpse.

Watchdragon Parma:

You can now found this one in Heide’s Tower of Flame after killing Puff the Magic Dragon.

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