Destiny: The Taken King – A Broken Will Quest To Get Void Edge, Sol Edge and Arc Edge Swords Guide

In The Taken King, you can find many cool and deadly weapons, but here in this guide you will learn how you can get one of the best swords in Destiny – Void Edge, Sol Edge or Arc Edge. For that first you need to unlock A Broken Will quest given by the Eris Morn.

How to Unlock the Quest:

To get the quest from the Eris Morn, first complete all the storyline missions, which ends on Dreadnaught – Regicide. Now you will unlock another quest “Dread Patrol” from the Cayde-6 in the Hall of Guardians, after completing this quest, go back to the Tower and find Eris Morn, talk to her and get the required quest “A Broken Will”.

Completing the Quest:

Now after getting the quest, your first task is to talk with Lord Shaxx, which is standing just right of the Eris. Now the quest began, Lord Shaxx will ask for 10 Motes of Light and 25 Hadium Flakes to give him.

For the both items, you need to go an area known as “Hull Breach”, you can go there with the Oryx’s Dreadnaught ship. Go to Orbit and select 35 level patrol. As you reached, go to the center of this area, there is a crashed spacecraft if you look up, there is a ravine right below that ship, follow it, go through the tunnel to reach at “Mausoleum”.

Here you will find the Hadium Flakes, you need 25 for the Sol Edge sword. You can find these items inside chests which can be found inside the rooms. Collect them and wait for the respawn.

After getting the required numbers, go back to the Lord Shaxx and collect your sword.

For other sword you need the following items.

  • Arc Edge – 25 Spinmetal
  • Sol Edge – 25 Helium Filaments
  • Void Edge – 25 Relic Iron



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