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  • Johan

    Omg, great info! Thanks for this 😀 How did you manage to get the exact damage of everything? I haven’t been able to find this info anywhere else but here! Great job guys!

    Since you’re so great at figuring out this obscure information, could you maybe figure out exactly how much each of the suit upgrades helps you in percent or seconds etc?

    How many percent or seconds does each of the Dexterity upgrades save you?

    How much dmg the Power Up finishing AoE (“Power Surge”) does?

    How many seconds the Power Ups gain from the power tree’s “Power Extender”? (It seems that “Power Extender” increases Power Ups from 25 seconds to 30 seconds, should be right if I didn’t mess up the clock timer)

    How many percent less damage you take from all the damage reducing upgrades in the Environment Tree? And lastly..

    And how exactly does the item scan upgrades work? Thx again! 😀

  • Jack Sawyer

    Are these values found in functions inside of the game files, or were they extrapolated somehow? I’m trying to find the values to calculate DPS but I can’t find them. Any tips?

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