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  • GTG90

    it’s not that easy, for the first 6 dragon balls I agree, but for the last dragon ball it’s hard as hell, it’s just really hard to make the time patroller appears, and then when they appear and you beat them you only get two material items, not the key item, it was so frustating

    • Jacco Jazill

      try to beat krillen tien en yamsha and the time controller within 2 minutes…. i got the 7 balls within an hour….

      good luck!

    • Zenox

      Did you find the last one then? I’ve been on Parallel Quests for two days now trying to find the last one, still nothing. Not even with a different character.

  • Jacco Jazill

    sorry time patroller 🙂

  • Dnined

    Could it be that they added a limit to how many times you can do it a day to once a day or smth ? cause the patroler just wont appear

    • its all random, if patroler didn’t appear, reset the quest

    • Desmond Ross

      you’re wrong you dumb ass i did it in one day 3 times its just about how lucky you are

  • Dbzballs

    overall took me about 4 hours to get all 7. The last one took me about 1 hour. All others started quick then took longer. It almost seemed like 15 min cool down for the first couple then 30 mins for the middle 3, then 1 hour for the last. Maybe or maybe not accurate but that was my experience.

  • Phyuck Yiu

    So frustrating, can’t find the last damn ball! I fought around 20 patrollers, nothing. I got the first 6 balls like nothing, can’t find the last one #2…

    • Goku1993GR

      hello, i dont know if i can help you exactly but i have video on youtube if you want chack it out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ROm5qgnqdxA and go to the end of the video at 9:33 i have a tip that might help you and every one who will watch this video. Also they use rgn (random generated numbers)

  • Phyuck Yiu

    I found it, but it takes FOREVER to find it. The very last ball always takes the longest. Managed to get all balls 3x, each time the last one stalled. Sometimes it’d stall on the 5th ball too.

    I’m guessing they use some sort of random number generator, like a slot machine, the odds of getting the final ball must be low like 1/50 or something.

  • Random guy

    there is also the quest to defeat frieza and if you beat him in under 3 minutes a time patroller appears and he can give you a dragon ball.

  • Cantfind1

    Easiest way ever is the quest ‘Fierce battle! Ginyu Force’ a time patroller appears straight ahead from where you spawn, keep restarting till you see him. Easier way because you don’t have to kill anyone before trying it so you can just restart every time easily.

  • Lysy
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