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  • Gimus Vortex

    please help me i’m facing cryptoPP self test error while starting the game :'( i want to play

    • It seems you DirectX is not updated.. Install the latest DirectX 11 and reset your PC.

      best way you can try is to enable a reliable and fully- featured cryptopp.dll error remover on your PC. A reliable and fully- featured cryptopp.dll error remover is especially designed to completely and thoroughly fix cryptopp.dll error and other complicated computer errors on your computer and make your computer run like a new one! We are highly recommended you to scan your system with Advanced PC Tweaker.

      • kayden

        Could you tell us which cryptopp.dll error remover? WEbsite?

        • you can try this one.

          • Angga Rafa Mahardika

            help me :(, I can’t fix it

  • Tori Mullen

    I have a Black Screen, there is sound but no picture.

    • Did you have updated graphic card driver and DX. Also try it to run it in window mode.

      For that you need to edit it config file, which is located Here — %USERPROFILE%AppDataLocalBANDAI NAMCO GamesDB Xenoverse

    • Tori Mullen

      It was as simple as Alt + Enter.. lol I feel like a noob lol

      • Sadman Sâkib

        the game crashes after i connect the joystick…what am i supposed to do?

  • Valentin

    when i fight cell my game is stopp working but i dont have 12 prcesors i have 4 what shoud i do some one help

  • RandomMan

    Having an issue with the game crashing in between loading screens. tried disabling steam overlay. doesn’t seem to help. and yes im above the “recommend” system requirements by a long shot.

  • Alex

    When i want to start the ganes it says that the XIMPUT1_3DLL is missing. I have reinstall it about 5 timess and the same thig.What can a do ?

  • Rubymazter

    i got the missing last dragon ball bug, spent 3 hours on pq12 farming the patroller but no ball. (PC version btw). Im not sure if the patch for it was in a steam update, or its something i need to download off of steam, or if a patch for it even exists, i just want the last dragon ball :c

  • SkyEron

    I install the directX and now i can lunch the game but i have a black screen i press ALT+Enter to put it as window mode and i did run as an admin….need help

  • Dayton

    On the xbox one when I go on it says I need a content update to get on but I don’t know where to get the content update.

    • There is patch released today, Patch 1.02 – you should update it.

  • ygg

    My Game is not saving.

    • In order to make sure that your progress is saved properly always bring up the in-game menu and select “End Game”. This will force an auto-save and return you to the title screen thus making sure that your save data is backed up properly.

      • ygg

        i did that lol and still doesen’t work and a lot of people are having that problem and not just me

  • Carlos Aldanicas

    i sometimes get that my data files are corrupted ( when they are not, so i always loose my progress) so i need to start a new game. do you know how can i fix it?

  • Levi Green

    Majin Kamehameha is bugged and only works for majin race, after an hour of grinding for a pink ki wave i realized that the hard way.

  • HammeR

    When I watch the cinematics in the android saga, Démigra is invisible, I can hear him an every thing is normal… but I cant see him… the effect of his ki no problem… but he is invisible (no see throught in the beginnig and normal after like the cinematics without errors)

  • mourani

    I’ve played untill the end of buu saga and the weird thing is i have vegeta as a ssj2 character, i have two of that but i dont have him with his ssj1. I’ve played many quests about him going ssj but still i dont have him, can someone help me or explain me what to do ?

  • guy

    none of my energy blast are showing. does anyone know how to fix this.

  • Alex

    Game freezes during the buu saga in XBOX 360. Does anybody know how to fix this?

  • Jonathan de la peña

    i got some trouble xbox one when i try to summon shenron my game freeze and when i start again i got my 7 balls but cant summon shenron, what i have to do i have reset the game unnistall and istall like 4 times and the same problem.

  • Steven Feldman

    Im having a really bad issue with this…..i tried it all but nothing i own the game on steam and when i load it up i hit start game and when it says connecting i wait for 10 seconds which is normal but after that is done BAM game crashes…..even if the internet is off it still crashes

  • omar garcia

    I didnt install the movie2cpk file and the text is wack. Do i need it?

  • Muid Iqbal

    I played the game in windows 7 64bit very smoothly for two months. then i decided to setup windows 8 (x64) after installation i followed same installation instructions as i did in win7. But it occured to miss a dll file. I searched the net, did many procedures, downloaded a lot of dll files & also softwares to fix it. i fix it then a new dll file goes missing. i fix that & one more. I reinstalled win7 and the game ran but i want to play in win 8. can you help me???

  • Amaan Mansuri

    My game runs perffect but there is problem with selection when i enter main menu there are 3 option game start,option nd exit but my cursor move rapdily across them automatically this also happens in pause menu pls solution

  • mbd25

    On start up the game seems fine until it gets to talking about autosave, it pops up disappears and starts playing the main menu music on a black screen where I can’t do anything but listen or control alt delete out.
    I would have gotten a refund but while trying every fix on google I’ve spent 5 hours on this game

    • shyx111

      This is also happening to me. 🙁
      Any solutions?


    What if you’re game crashes with freiza but on THE XBOX ONE then what do I do plus help me

  • Comac Cullen

    i had xenoverse before on my laptop and it ran perfectly but then my laptop broke and i go it fixed yesterday i downloaded the game again and tried to play it but nothing comes up the screen is just blank please someone tell me how to fix this i really want to play it again

  • Tanuj Mukherjee

    My game runs but there is problem with selection when i enter main menu there are 3 option game start,option nd exit but my cursor move rapdily across them automatically this also happens in pause menu pls solution. Also there is no music so I am unable to play the game. Please help immediately as I don’t want to delete a 10 gb game being a dragon ball z fan.

  • Arosh

    at cell saga it says
    the game has stopped working

  • Navaneeth

    I have downloade the xenoverse game from steam but i am not able to open my game on my pc. Please tell me what is the problem.

  • hi

    the problem in my pc is the game starts but hangs in between and becomes slow

  • Nick

    When i try to play on my ps4 it say”faild loading of save data” is their anything i can do to get into my saved data or should i create a new one?

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