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  • Rodrigo Rose

    It seem you are really wrong because everyone know how to get and where toget the costumes the problem is the item drop is really low and even if you manage to get the costume the truth is you get the less usefull because to make the vegito costume you can use other costumes as base the problem is that the most important part the upper body it have the lowest drop chance,the same goes for everything else because the drop chance is random and if you dont beat the character in a specific way you wont get part of the costume wich is divided in 4

    Item drop chance :
    .- gloves 25%
    .- shoes 15%
    .- upper body 8%
    .- lower body 4%
    so in eight hours playing i would be able to get 5 pairs of gloves or 3 pairs of shoes or 1 upper body part or if im lucky i will get a lower body part.
    It tooked me 16 hours playing the same mission to get Andorid 17 costume so i know what im talking.
    You should teach how to cheat the game to get 100% drop of every item that would make better the game

  • Hood-Boy

    you didnt list up android 16’s costume

  • afrasayab

    can someone tell me how to get the cape the tien shinhan wore in majin buu saga

    • Dante Young

      No Fuck u bitch wit yo stupid ass u can’t get it dumb fuck gtfoh bitch don’t ask dat shit again

      • Fuck you

        Typical nigger response

        • Timothy Allen

          Wow, you’re trash. A coward behind a keyboard.

          • Liberal

            Was there something wrong with his observation?



  • Blake Harvey

    How do I unlock 2 star, 3 star, &c. in the shop?

  • Blake Harvey

    What are the requirements to have Buu-gi Gravity appear in the shop?

  • X-13ShadowGamer

    Can somebody tell me how to get the fun suit? it won’t appear in the shop for me.

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