Dragon Quest Builders – Available Residents After Completing Story Mode

After completing the story mode you can enjoy the Free Play mode in your ways. You can build your base and can share it with your friends. Sharing stones allow you to share your creations with your friends. Summoning stones allow you to summon the creations of other players.

As your base complete, it attracts the other Residents to live with you and can help you in combat and in the base works. Both human and monsters wants to live with you. After every 3 days in the game an NPC will appear at your Banner of Hope after you use a chimaera wing.

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Below we have the list of all the Residents that will be available after completing every chapter in the main story mode.

Residents Available After Completing Chapter 1

Hatted lass

  • Fights with thrown weapons
  • Makes medicine

Hazel-haired lady

  • Prefers building in workshops

Likely lad

  • Cooks and makes water-based items

Bunicorn (Monster)

  • Charges with horn

Couragooze slime (Monster)

  • Uses body slam

Dracky (Monster)

  • Bite and body slam attacks

Phlematic slime (Monster)

  • Runs from battles

Residents Available After Completing Chapter 2

Bobby girl

  • Not a good fighter
  • Enjoys cooking

Bright-eyed boy

  • Good fighter
  • Creates building materials

Masked muscleman

  • Melee fighter
  • Creates building materials and furniture

Chimaera (Monster)

  • Ranged attack

Drohl drone (Monster)

  • Poison lob attack

Hammerhood (Monster)

  • Attacks with a hammer

Killerpillar (Monster)

  • Rolling attack

Lunatick (Monster)

  • High HP
  • Ranged blast attack

Prestidigitator (Monster)

  • Avoids melee combat
  • Hurls magic

She-slime (Monster)

  • Uses body slam

Skeleton (Monster)

  • Attacks with a sword

Spiked hare (Monster)

  • Charges with horn
  • More powerful than bunicorn

Treeface (Monster)

  • Sturdy ally

Residents Available After Completing Chapter 3

Cool girl

  • Wields hammer in combat
  • Prefers welder’s workshop

Dandy gentleman

  • Wields hammer in combat
  • Excellent cook

Bewarewolf (Monster)

  • Claw attack

Bodkin archer (Monster)

  • Uses ranged attack

Dancing flame (Monster)

  • Low HP
  • Breathes fire

Frostburn (Monster)

  • Low HP
  • Frost breath

Ghost (Monster)

  • Available at all times
  • Punch and fireball attacks

Hawk man (Monster)

  • High attack and HP
  • Low defense

Knight errant (Monster)

  • Shield boosts defense
  • Attacks with an axe

Muddy hand (Monster)

  • Poor combatant

Powie yowie (Monster)

  • Ranged snowball attack

Rockbomb (Monster)

  • Does not self-destruct

Scorpion (Monster)

  • Spinning attack

Residents Available After Completing Final Chapter

Martial maiden

  • Wields sword
  • Prefers workshops

Military man

  • Wields sword
  • Prefers workshops

Cannibox (Monster)

  • Powerful bite attack

Golem (Monster)

  • Strong attacker, poor HP

Killing machine (Monster)

  • High HP and a variety of attacks

Metal slime (Monster)

  • Rare
  • High defense but low HP

Troll (Monster)

  • Swings club but doesn’t break blocks


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