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    Intel Q6600 Core2 Quad @ 2.4Ghz basically any old machine from the Pentium dual class 2.7Ghz will run it, along with 8GB ram and a GT 730 graphics card, can even run Fifa 16 but needs to use settings lower then what you normally use. Quite frankly FIFA 14 is a lot better then this awful turd it turned out to be , because it lost so much money due to people not being able to play it without knowing what they where doing..ironic really that after falling flat on their faces with egg on their heads, EA continue to blunder on with money then sense and make an even bigger mistake with FIFA 16, its basically left very few people to play it on the PC and mostly all xbone 1 and ps4 as the platforms…i would be surprised if their is a FIFA 17 since they expressed they only want to do the console market LOL hahaha

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