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  • Luis Daniel Pérez Díaz

    Ace is a boy. I don’t think he is a her, or am I wrong?

    • PopeDarren

      Although he seems a big androgynous at times, he is a boy. Otherwise he’d be wearing a tight top and a skirt, right? And run differently.

      There are times, though, that I could easily picture him with a ponytail and he’d look just like the other girls.

  • PopeDarren

    I can only access pages for Ace and Deuce. Is anyone else able to get the rest?

    • You can access all other characters Weapons now

      • PopeDarren

        I can see Seven and Eight’s weapons, but it ends after the title of Nine’s Weapons on page 6. I deleted cache and tried to refresh, but still had no luck.

        • all others are up now, you can access them. on 6th and so on other pages

          • PopeDarren

            Yep! Got them! You’re awesome! Thank you!

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