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  • Joe

    Just finished the quest “A voice from the past”. I used the deceptive option to tell Dalton it was just a dream, he thanked me, gave me the club and I gained moderate Defiance BAy reputation.

  • ioniclemon

    Little modification on page 3: whatever choices you make in #5, no #6 if you choose a side.

  • Ein

    Really, really great and helpful guide but some quests are missing. Like the “All hand on deck!” quest you can get in Ondra’s Gift from Marceno in the south – east near the ship.
    I really bugs me what to chose since there are so many possibilities (as usual)!.

    • Thanks for telling, but “All hand on deck” is a Task. Not side quest.

  • Tim

    Supply and Demand walkthrough tells you, the House which the key you get from the thugs opens, is on the North eastern Side of Town…THIS IS INCORRECT!!! It is on the North Western SIde!! and Its called Ramshackle House!!

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