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  • Band of 7

    does monster element resistance means they only received half damage from the respective element?

    or they take no damage at all from the resisted element?

    • Sounds like they will resist all damage from that element

    • hainsay .

      it depends on the monster. Some take half damage, some take a small fraction (10% I think), some take no damage, some heal, and some reflect damage.

      This is based on what a monolith said, so far I’ve only seen the half damage type, I think.

    • Ladi Dadi

      It actually all depends as some of your moves may carry an element that your enemy is resistant to however the typing of the move(Beast, Therian, Undead, etc..) Will be able to make a move it would usually resist give you a power hit bonus allowing it to do a high level of damage and also opens the opposition up to receiving full damage from other moves that it may also resist

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