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  • rayule

    can you make a guide about all enemy drops?? pleaseee!! these guides are life saviours!!

  • Karthus

    How i beat Eizen two times? lol

    • Blade

      You don’t.
      You ‘fight’ Eizen once when you are getting Edna. and the other time after you have beaten Tiamat in Glavlind Basin. The reason there is a 2 though, is that you technically can beat him on the first encounter (he only has about 11K health then) but he uses the arte that all true dragons have access to – a self restoring arte. Tiamat has it as well, but due to Tiamat’s birth method, it feeds off malevolence. When [spoilers] happens, the malevolence isnt present on the battlefield any more, blocking Tiamat’s arte. Tiamat drops a orb which prevents Eizen from using the true form of the arte, allowing you to beat him.

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