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  • using i7 4960x processor
    Titan X Stock Gpu
    32GB 2400Mhz Ram
    all i get is black screen….

    • Jake Carabana

      check videocard and soundcard for any latest updates.

      • Tried the alt + Tab about 7 times, then somehow got manged to get backin the game 😀

  • Quinton Bowman

    so i must be the only one who having the issue with this game crashing and crashing my graphics drivers during cutscenes and open world areas.. This is the only game thats having this problem out of 50 other games I play for PC(skyrim,DBZ Xenoverse,Payday 2,Final Fantasy 13-1 and -2,Tomb raider, Street fighter 4,Hitman absolution,Assassin Creed black Flag) I still havent found a working solution.. I recommend playing this on the consoles

  • Dionisis Zougras

    When i open the game and i enter to load from save place, the game show me a black screen and his music to play. What happen?

  • indonesia

    after i install why still directx error

  • Danibe

    My game was working fine a few days ago, now the game started skipping, stutterng lagging. any ideas?

  • yudodiz

    I can’t load my saves

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