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  • There’s an Agitha Stamp – you’ll get it from her after a certain number of bugs are given. I got it after the 12th bug, but that doesn’t guarantee that’s what it is every game, I suppose.

  • Chemmie Cool Legs!!!

    Uh… Where is the happy link stamp?

    • in Overworld: The Great Hylian Treasure Hunt, when your task is “Begin to Hunt for Treasure and Imp Poes Across the Land”, go to the south to home village and locate the barn, in wolf form, you can spot the Dig Cavern #2, here you will find it.

      • Chemmie Cool Legs!!!

        I feel my issue is, where I found out about the grotto’s, is that a game guide should be able to be picked up without assuming I know this. I found them, but still, I shouldn’t have had to research all the grotto’s to figure this out. My issue. Or at least give us a link to the grotto guide this guy made, that he’s clearly alluding to.

  • Chemmie Cool Legs!!!

    Surprised Link is in the Cave of Ordeals in the room with the great Fairie

  • Chemmie Cool Legs!!!

    Angry Zelda is in the Cave of Ordeals Second Great Fairy

  • iamaxman

    Where is the sad Zelda?
    And, What stamp is the last one?

  • 王瑾华

    Where’s the sad Zelda stamp? And,What’s the last one?

  • Vaibhav Jadhav

    Nice article sir

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