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  • Filly osopher

    There is a poster on the Hub world on the roof of the level 2 building. If you go clockwise from the level 5 drop, you can lend on a roof ‘above’ the star on the hub’s ground level. The poster is for a “The return of the serious sam son encounter VII” http://steamcommunity.com/id/Fillyosopher/screenshot/39735790973555308

  • Shadrouge

    There is a bundle of dynamite in B4 – “Wrap Around the Corner.” When you go up the short stairs at the end of the puzzle you can turn around and face the exterior wall of the puzzle room. If you sprint and jump you can jump outside of the play area onto the outer map. Just to the right on the floor by the wall is the dynamite, which can be picked up.

    This dynamite can then be taken to the Sphinx and placed on its right elbow (when facing the Sphinx its on the left). There should be a greyed-out Dynamite to help you know where to place it. After it goes off you get chastized as Sam for always wanting to blow things up.

  • Adam Buccilli

    The “Funky Hallway” in B-3 I’m fairly positive is a reference to 2001: A Space Odyssey

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