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  • ty

    I think you missed the second one in b-4 where you connect the emitter at the top of pyramid with the receiver embedded in the front ‘heart’ of the sphinx.

  • gloryas

    Great guide!
    You miss a star on B4 floor. After you get the first star, you need to take the 2 connectors on the fan to the outside of “the right angle”. Then take one of the connectors to the right side of the Sphinx and connect it with the receiver on the top of the piramid. Then take the second connector to the front of the Spinx and connect it. A door will open and you’ll find the second star 😀

  • Tim

    Missing one star for area B-3, haven’t the slightest…

    • gloryas

      I FOUND IT! the Romeo and Juliet statue behind the wooden door in C building. “True love knows no limits” Uriel. You can walk over the sand path, it goes on in mid air so you can easily walk to Juliet, the star is right there 😀

  • gloryas

    I’m still missing one star aaarrgghhh…. I found the ones on the tower (which you also described in the easter egg guide) and the one in the building behind the tower, but I don’t have a clue about the final one… I suppose this one is also located somewhere in/around the tower ofc?

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