The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – All Romance Options OR Carnal Knowledge Guide

That’s one of the most important thing that you want to try in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. There are a number of women that can be wooed into a night of passion. You can find them in the main story line and also you can always visit the Passiflora Brothel in Novigrad. There are a variety of courtesans to “interact” with, all for the modest price of 40 crowns.

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Romance Options Guide:

Triss Merigold

Well you know her very well. As you complete Secondary Quest: Now or Never, you will have a chance to do romance with her and I bet you don’t want to miss this. You can get this quest from the Triss’ Townhouse.

Keira Metz

After completing the secondary Quest: “A Favor for a Friend” which you get from Keira Metz, this quest is accessible once you have completed Secondary Quest: An Invitation from Keira Metz and “A Towerful of Mice”. Completing the following quest allows you to continue to choose Keira’s fate.

Yennefer Of Vengerberg (First)

You can get a chance to romance with Yennefer Of Vengerberg, after complting the main Main Quest: “The King is Dead Long Live the King”. You know that you will be on a unicorn.


Yennefer Of Vengerberg (Second)

Well you will have a second change to have love with Yennefer Of Vengerberg, after completing Main Quest: “No Place Like Home”. This quest is available once the previous three quests done.

Jutta An Dimun

Complete the Secondary Quest: Iron Maiden, you will get this quest in FAROE ISLE. After completing this quest will have a chance to have love with her.

Madame Sasha

This is the last quest “High Stakes” from the Gwent that you need to complete only then you will have the chance to romance with Lady Sasha.

At the end accept her invitation for dinner at the Kingfisher Inn, at dinner, talk soon turns to heading upstairs. You can:  Agree, and spend some quality time in one of the Kingfisher Inn’s bedrooms, uncovering more about Sasha.

Strumpets Of Crippled Kate’s

Visit Crippled Kate’s in Novigrad, pay 20 crowns, and pick one of 3 ladies of the night from this knocking shop.

Harlots Of Passiflora

Visit the Passiflora in Novigrad pay 40 crowns and choose one of 3 strumpets from this high-class whorehouse.


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