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  • DandelionsEgo

    Terrific, accurate list so far.

    Just one meager foible, could you be more specific with the location for the Enhanced Feline Trousers, please? I’m struggling to find the sewer entrance or prison it’s located at.

    • Awoken

      Do you by chance know where the Enhanced Feline Armor is?

    • Raymond Payne

      It’s actually in the building next to the blacksmith in Oxenfurt..SE corner of that city.

      Can’t find the Enhanced Feline Silver Sword though…any help?

  • Afraz Anosh

    Do you need to have the specific treasure hunt quest in order to find them?
    I’ve just finished the Scavenger Hunt: Cat quest, and gotten the basic feline armor and weapon diagrams.
    Somehow, the Part 2 and Part 3 upgrade quests are available, but the Part 1 quest isn’t. Am I missing something? I visited the locations and the chests for the enhanced feline items simply aren’t there.

    • Ruby

      You do not need the associated quest to find the items. Look harder. They’re there, you’re probably just missing them.

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