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  • ItalianMom

    I believe I have found my first significant issue with this game while doing the quest Old Pals for Gwent cards. I just beat Vernon Roche and was wandering around the hideout. I somehow fell through the cave floor into a dark gray area. I can float all over the map while in the gray space, but I can not get out of it. This reminds me of a similar situation in Dragon Age Inquisition. I guess I will simply have to reload the auto save after the game of Gwent. I doubt the loot I was going for is worth this issue, so Temeria’s last hope may keep it!

    The location is in the area you find the report about the chess player on a table or desk. Do not walk onto the bedding which is across from where the note is looted. I am on Xbox, and I have no clue if it happens on the Playstation or computer version.

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