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  • Ray Butler

    There is the scratched key, at White Orchard in the Nilfgardian garrison, as far as I can tell it’s just to get out of the cell easier after you collect whatever is in there, and it isn’t much to collect at all.

    • Ray Butler

      For the scratched key, off the main courtyard go through a door to a hospital like area where injured soldiers are, the back wall is broken in a spot, climb it and you land on a wooden platform, there’s a weak wall across a gap, Ard it then jump over, you are then in the cell, the key out is on a dead guy, and there’s some supplies near the edge. I think it may be dimeterium ore, so it’s probably worth getting.

  • Ray Butler

    Ever notice a locked chest in Kaer Trolde? Go passed the smith and armourer down towards the wine cellar where you investigate the bear attack with Cerys, the first door is a kind of servant quarters, and at the foot of one of the bunks there’s a locked chest and I haven’t been able to find a key for it.

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