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  • Kevin Weinberg

    This was really, really difficult to follow and still required a lot of effort to figure things out.

  • Kevin Weinberg

    For those trying to do this.

    The collectibles part (mechanic, to get the 6 whatevers)

    Teleport DIRECTLY into FN site 322 in Oblivia. There will be about 8 or 9 of those little blue thingies. Run around and pick them all up. Don’t bother running too far up the hill or you’ll juts aggro the floating thingies and waste time.

    After you’ve picked up all 8 in that tiny little area, IMMEDIATELY quick travel right back to the same FN spot (even though you’re ten feet from it)

    This will reset all 8 of them. Rinse and repeat. Got all 6 in about 10 minutes.

    I’m right now looking for Solan in an “Alley” but this guide was of no help because I still can’t find him in Ishmael Hills.

    Someone really needs to rewrite this in a way that it’s actually helpful.

    • Matthew Poston

      Thought I’d add to this in saying I got all 6 of mine from 11am to 1pm. Couldnt get even one outside of this time frame.

  • Collectibles for the Mechanic one are found in Cauldros east shore. Teleport to FN Site 515 and look for the collectibles called ”Savage Sketch”. You need 6 of them and they are pretty rare. Good luck.

  • What is this bullshit? I killed Lyla’s Galdr as this guide suggests but the riddle
    “After dawn o’er land of white, a rare red foe appears to smite.” isn’t solved. How is it possible to mess up a guide like this. Didn’t you test your solution? LMAO
    PS: The guide should mention that there are different Lyla’s Galdr and that you have to let it spawn multiple times so you get the red one. now the “rare red foe” part also makes sense.

  • Sabaca


  • Sabaca

    Solan doesn’t appear anywhere in the ishmael hills. There seems to be another condition for him to appear that isn’t mentioned in this guide.

  • For the last riddle of the mechanical skill: You don’t find Solan in an alley in the ishmael hills, you find him north of the ishmael hills.

  • Frogman

    For Archaeological the last part it’s early morning on the westside of the park.

    • Darktangent

      Ugh, I’ve been trying to find him forever during morning because this fucking guide said morning.

  • Frustrated

    I’m not sure what was worse trying to solve the riddles or trying to follow this “guide”.

    • PRIMUS

      I know right ahahahaha.

  • Daniel Golightly

    What a bunch of babies. Are you even gamers? These can be solved without even using a guide and you’re complaining that the guide is too difficult?

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