04 – Dante (Devil May Cry)


Most heroes tend to be honorable, humble, and…well, heroic. Dante is the exact opposite of that. He’s arrogant, sarcastic, and has a huge attitude problem. His job literally has him looking for trouble, as he is a professional demon slayer. And every time he faces a demon who looks like it could chew him up and shit him out in 15 different pieces, Dante chooses to sarcastically mock it. This doesn’t lead to much trouble either, since Dante is a half-demon capable of cutting down an army of demons with the blades they just stabbed him with.

03 – Trevor Philips (GTA V)


“This is my life’s work. I mean since I was a little kid I-I dreamt big. Y’Know, I’ve always wanted to be an international drug dealer and… weapons trader.” Most of the main characters of GTA has psychopathy in their record of mental problems and, depending on the way the players play, they all have the potential to be the greatest sociopaths who ever lived. But if there is a character who is the only one that reflects the way you and I played, this is Trevor. Besides being responsible for the most violent and funny moments of the game, how to explode a full of rednecks house he killed eliminate all agents of the Chinese Triad in Los Santos, leads people to be cannibalized in the middle of a mountain for money, be a degenerate pyromaniac, among other folly, his special ability in GTA V is going into violent frenzy where their weapons has increased damage, he loves discharge into boring rednecks he is near his home.