02 – Talion (Middle-earth: Shadow Of Mordor)


In Middle-earth: Shadow Of Mordor the Orcs killed his his wife and son in front of him. And now he had nothing against killing / behead / scrutinize the most aggressive forms who were on their way and returned as an immortal spirit to the land of their enemies. And he is well pissed and well in order to use more violent means possible to achieve their goals. I don’t doubt that Shadow of Mordor gets exponentially more blood-tastic as it progresses, so if you’ve already encountered more brutal beheadings than these, more power to you.

01 – Kratos (God of War)


I think there is no one like him and no one deserve that place except him., with his deadly finishing moves and abilities to shred gods is on top. Among made ​​our favorite Spartan, we have: stick the eyes of Poseidon, with this power, he pull Medusa’s head off, shove a blade down a minotaur’s throat, pull an eye out of a cyclops, cut the heads off a Hydra, and kill gods. Kratos is constantly angrier than a muthafucker, and he doesn’t exactly live by a code of ethics. That being said, nothing stops him from killing everything in his path to get retribution. Kratos’ strength is inhuman, and utilizes two knives that have been chained up and seared into his arm flesh.