In this guide, you’ll learn how to meet people, make friends, and develop a trust with your new friends that can stand up to the harsh reality of Chernarus.

Find some friends

Look in high-population civilian-loot areas for friends. Areas with military loot are not good places to make friends: players there are generally on high-alert, and are likely to shoot on sight.

Shoot both friends. 

Try to leg at least one of the friends. If neither friend survives, return to Step 1.

Handcuff the friend that lives.

Your new friend may be scared, frightened, sad, or angry. Don’t dismiss your new friends emotions — this is the time they need you most!  Assure your new friend that one day you’ll both look back on this and laugh! It’s true!

Introduce yourself! 

Every friendship has to begin somewhere. Say hello to your new friend! Tell them your name. you can use F10 to show your friend that you’re friendly! Gain your friend’s trust by bandaging their wounds and using a splint to fix their broken leg.

How To Keep Friends:

Make conversation! 

Compliments are a great way to get conversation started. Compliment them on their fashion choices, haircut, and physique. While you’re talking, use a machete or a kitchen knife to slice up the body of your new friend’s old friend. Make sure you have enough inventory space for the 5-6 Raw Human Steaks.

Force feed your new friend his old friend

No cooking – cooking destroys that Kuru flavor. Don’t make your friend eat all alone! Taking food together is a ritual of friendship shared by every culture.

Pass the time until you both see less color and more humor in the world.

Sometime after dinner, you and your friend will begin to laugh.

hahahaha …nnng…. hahaha …nnnngggg..

Expand your Social Circle

Un-cuff your new friend:

Explain to your new friend that, unlike the other diseases of Chernarus, laughter has no cure. After all, it’s not you that’s funny — it’s everything else! For example: remember that one time when you shot your new friend and fed him his old friend?