Destiny first DLC “The Dark Below” is now available and if you already complete the story than now you have time to hunt the 3 hidden Hive servants across Old Russia, these bounties give hints to their locations, having trouble discovering their locations, you can find it below.

You need to complete the 3 different tasks given by the Eris Morn to unlock the Raid and also you will be given a simple bounty to kill Hive enemies. And after completing bounties you will unlock 3 additional bounties that task the Guardian with finding special Hive servants.

Below you will find the locations of all theses 3 bounties.

Eyes of Crota Bounty:

First you need to go to Terrestrial Complex, fight with the enemies and reach the exterior balcony of the facility, here you will find the Hive. You can find the “Servant of the Eyes” near the ledge outside the door, smash the servant, and get glowing green treasure.

Now Hive creatures spawn into the area with the 3 Eye of Crota enemies, defeat all of them

Heart of Crota Bounty:

Go to the right side from Steppes, going through Dock 13 and reach Rocketyard, and now enter Refinery area. Go to the back side of the Refinery and you will find a crashed ship where a special Hive enemy called Servant of the Heart can be seen, these are your targets.

Hand of Crota Bounty:

Now from the Steppes, take the left side and reach the Mothyards and enter Lunar Complex, go up into the dark chamber. Now when you are in the pitch black room, walk along right-hand wall and look in the back corner behind one of the computer banks to find the waiting Servant of the Hand Hive enemy.Kill it, after it Hand of Crota enemy that appears, defeat it.