Fallout 76 – Cranberry Bog – All Magazine Location Guide

Zone B: South Bog And Watoga

Location: Fort Defiance

  • This one is in the top floor BoS base of operations, on the ornate side cabinet, in the game room with the pool table, just right of the laser grid.

Location: Appalachian Antiques

  • This one is on the shelf under the cash register counter, under the office fan.

Location: Cranberry Glade

  • This one is on the thin wood bench, on the deck in the southeast corner of the glade.

Location: Watoga

  • This one is on the seat just to the right of the entrance, inside the coach parked on the road northeast of Watoga High School.
  • This one is on the suspended monorail tram, at the front left side just before the driver’s controls at the front of the tram.

Location: Watoga Civic Center

  • This one is on or around the dinner table, in the corner booth of the lower cafeteria area.
  • This one is on the dinner table, in the third booth from the southeast corner, in the upstairs cafeteria area, across from the “B4” sign.
  • This one is on or near the corner of the kitchen counter, in the small kitchen along the north side of the upper area, across from (north of) the “B5” sign.

Location: Watoga Transit Hub

  • This one is on the back seat near the pram, in the coach parked just outside the Transit Hub lobby, on the road.
  • On the last seat inside the monorail carriage, east end of the tram suspended on the rail. The tram is parked at the Transit station.

Location: Watoga Emergency Services

    • Laying on the second table from the left, by the Emergency Report Terminal, east wall inside the Report office; first room to the north at the top of the stairs, with the mainframe in the opposite corner.
    • This one is on the metal magazine carousel, by the uncomfortable red bench seating, in the waiting room across from the reception desk, near the Helipad elevator, across from the main elevator.

Location: Watoga Municipal Center

  • This one is on the short wood bookshelf under the window, right of the desk and wall safe, in the narrow Complaints Archive office, upper level, west side of the interior.
  • This one is on the metal desk with the microphone and broken terminal, in the small announcement office, southwest side of the upper level accessed via the corridor with the lockers.

Location: AMS Corporate Headquarters

  • This one is on the floor by the toilet and newspaper, in the restroom off the CEO Kilson’s office, upper executive level.

Location: Watoga Shopping Plaza

  • This one is on the circular table with the yellow plate, near the jukebox, inside Slocum Joe’s.

Location: Watoga Estates

  • On the small circular white metal table with the black-and-white parasol, by the two circular red chairs, near an overturned pram, by the “condemned” door and exterior staircase; lower balcony area.

Location: Watoga High School

  • Behind the toilet where the Bubblegum Teddy Bear and Garden Gnome are up to mischief, on the northeast corner of the roof, above the entrance to the Auditorium.
  • On the low shelf of the long curved wood book check-out desk, on the lower level of the Library.
  • On the wooden dining table with the black-and-orange place settings, northwest corner of the cafeteria, below the staircase.
  • On the wooden school desk, in the southwest corner of the History classroom.
  • On the small gray speaker, on the balcony with the stool and stage lights, south side of the Auditorium

Location: Flooded Trainyard

  • On the sheet of wood and cinder block table, inside the green USA carriage, on the railroad to the south, near the metal garage and black-and-white parasol.

Location: Lost Home

  • Under the dark red sofa, in the northwest corner of the shack with the bear trap on the table; the northeast shack.
  • This one is on the green chair, around the dining table inside the lone shack in the southern part of the settlement.

Location: Sunrise Farm

  • On the ornate dresser in the small bunk bed room with the hole in the wall, directly across the landing at the top of the stairs, inside the main sagging farmhouse structure.

Location: Survey Camp Alpha

  • On the small green card table with the army helmet, on the left side of the entrance inside the right green tent.

Location: Forward Station Delta

  • This one is on the table inside the orange-and-white metal caravan hut, opposite the Power Armor Station and gantry steps.
  • This one is on the gantry balcony with the skeleton, at the base of the BoS flagpole.


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