Fallout 76 – Savage Divide – All Magazine Location Guide

Location: Top of the World

  • On the rickety shop counter by the blue cash register, in the stall with the gramophone behind it, west of the central elevator column.
  • On the small low coffee table, right side of the stall with the three stools, the pink cash register, and the large tree to the left of it.
  • On the magazine carousel by the fallen stool, at one corner of the shanty stall with the large tree to the right of it. The stall has a lighthouse painting and a Raider skull board under its tarp; south of the central elevator column.
  • On the small curved side table to the left of the white leather sofa, along the perimeter curved wall of the control room with Madigan’s Corpse hanging in the cage (and Rose the Robot), top level.

Location: Pleasant Valley Ski Resort

  • On the small round white metal table, on the deck by the yellow chair, east side of the upper deck, northwest “Trading Post” lodge; access via the double doors, from the interior upstairs hallway.
  • On the left barrel, on the deck of the north lodge.
  • On the small round white metal table, on the deck by the yellow chair, south side upper deck of the south lodge; access via the dead hedge, eaves of the porch, and ladder on the eastern side of the lodge.

Location: South Cutthroat Camp

  • On a cinder block, on the ground by the gondola seating and wood steps to the road defenses, west part of the camp.
  • In the main glass cabinet, in the middle of the storefront on the south side of the road.

Location: North Cutthroat Camp

  • South end of the camp, by the North Highway 63 sign, on or around the toilet with the cymbals monkey sitting on it.
  • This one is on tea party plank table with 2 severed heads enjoying a nice cup of tea, next to the red trunk, to the side of the billboard lookout.

Location: Yellow Sandy’s Still

  • On the small green card table with the TV Dinner Tray, inside the east rusty caravan trailer with the Nuka-Cola machine inside it.

Location: Cliffwatch

  • On or near the sheet of wood with the Mountain Honey, knife, and decapitated head, set on cinder blocks near a safe, on the south side of the camp.

Location: Safe ‘n Clean Disposal

  • On the metal shelving by the sleeping bag, in the middle of the small red barn.45

Location: New Appalachian Central Trainyard

  • On the small metal desk with the ham radio, in the signal tower by the red water tower, east of the main trainyard warehouse.
  • On the table, inside the bank vault.
  • On the table by the Switch-Operator’s Terminal, in the signal tower north of the trainyard and bank buildings.

Location: 98 NAR Regional

  • This one is below the spotted couch, inside the overturned military carriage lying on top of two other carriages; accessed via the opening underneath.

Location: Site Alpha

  • In the Reactor Area, on a desk with a broken terminal and a clown on it, on the far west wall of the main room.
  • In the Operations Center, on a desk with a broken terminal, in the lowered area in the center of the main room.
  • In the Operations Center, on a desk in a small room with three fabricator pods, just off the main room.

Location: The Whitespring Golf Club

  • On the circular metal table, upstairs front deck, of the white mansion house, north of the main resort, just east of the Club entrance road and security hut.
  • In the Clubhouse, on the upper level, in the men’s room near the can chimes, between the wastebasket and the sink cabinet.
  • In the Clubhouse, on the lower level, on the cardboard boxes in the Employees Only closet near the shoe-shine counter.
  • In the Clubhouse, on the lower level, in the lounge in the men’s locker room, on the bottom shelf of the northeast bookshelves.

Zone C: South Mountains, Sugar Grove, And Spruce Knob

Location: Blackwater Mine

  • Below the metal shelving, by a pipe, right of three radioactive barrels and a safe, in Dr. Cotton’s tiny cave laboratory, off the vertical waterlogged cavern (interior).
  • In the tiny, locked security closet, off the narrow tunnels connecting the main mine tunnel to the vertical waterlogged cavern, close to some red steel tunnel buttressing.
  • Behind the low, short metal counter to the right of the Weapons Workbench, on the east wall of the concrete store room off the drilling chambers.
  • On the sleeping bag, which is under a mattress bed, in the fan extraction and machine room with the large circular pipe hole in the floor, opposite the Chemistry Station, after the swim.


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