Far Cry 5 – Side Missions Detail and Reward

Faith’s Region: Henbane River – Side Missions:

Ragnar the Terrible

  • Prerequisites: Liberate Drubman Marina (Cult Outpost)
  • Rewards: $800

With Adelaide Drubman’s Marina Outpost saved, you have several missions to attempt at this location.

Stunt Activity: Godspeed

  • Prerequisites: Wingsuit
  • Rewards: Overdrive (Outfit), $800

Check out the overlook by the main road bridge, on the cusp of Whitetail Mountains, north of Drubman Marina. There’s a shine to the Clutchster here.

Broken Path

  • Prerequisites: Liberate Eden’s Convent (Cult Outpost)
  • Rewards: $800

After getting the Eden’s Convent outpost, talk to one of the Resistance members, to get this mission.

The Judge Cougar

  • Prerequisites: Liberate Sacred Skies Youth Camp (Cult Outpost)
  • Rewards: $800

After defeating the Peggies at Sacred Skies Youth Camp outpost, locate the Resistance fighter by the main lodge, and speak to them.

The Judge Bear

  • Prerequisites: Liberate King’s Hot Springs Hotel (Cult Outpost)
  • Rewards: $800

With only the ghost at the King’s Hot Springs Hotel outpost remaining, speak to one of the Resistance members inside the building.

Quiet on the Set

  • Prerequisites: None
  • Rewards: Omega (Clothing), $800

In the Bliss-filled hills southeast of the Moonflower Trailer Park, movie magic is happening over at the Grimalkin Radon Mine. Speak to the director to start the mission.

Blood Dragon 3

  • Prerequisites: Complete Side Mission: Quiet on the Set
  • Rewards: $1,500

Guy Marvel has lost all his actors. He needs you! Take a lead role in Blood Dragon 3 by performing deadly fight scenes with the Angels.

Stunt Activity: Old Glory Holes

  • Prerequisites: None
  • Rewards: Overdrive Gloves (Clothing), $800

Locate the patriotic shrine to Clutch Nixon on the rocky riverbank below the Gethsemane Greenhouse, east of Faith’s Gate.


  • Prerequisites: Liberate Lorna’s Truck Stop (Cult Outpost)
  • Rewards: $800

After you save Lorna’s Truck Stop from the Peggies, head inside and speak to the Resistance member to start the mission.


  • Prerequisites: None
  • Rewards: The Fast (Enhanced) (Recipe), $800

Someone is scrabbling about by the trash bins outside Aubrey’s Diner, along the Henbane River north of Lorna’s Truck Stop. This disheveled character is Tweak, and he might have a pick-me-up to help you during confrontation with the cult.

Our Better Angels

  • Prerequisites: Liberate Nolan’s Fly Shop (Cult Outpost)
  • Rewards: $800

At Nolan’s Fly Shop, speak with one of the resistance fighters on the grounds to get this mission.


  • Prerequisites: Complete Side Mission: Fast
  • Rewards: The Furious (Enhanced) (Recipe), $1,500

After finishing Side Mission: Fast, you can speak to Tweak in Prospect and he lets you know about a strength enhancer.

Stunt Activity: Descente Dans La Folie

  • Prerequisites: None
  • Rewards: Liberty (Vehicle), $800

Journey to the ghost town of Prospect, in the southern wilds of this region. There you find the patriotic shrine to Clutch Nixon, here you can start this mission.

River Armed Convoy

  • Prerequisites: Resistance Rating Level 2+ (Henbane River)
  • Rewards: $800

As soon as the Resistance Rating for Henbane River increases to Level 2 (2,500+/10,000), Faith Seed realizes you aren’t quite as enthralled by her presence as she’d hoped and sends out a three-gunboat convoy to punish your little uprising.

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