Watch Dogs:

Watch Dogs launched in a controversial state not due to a lack of functioning mechanics or any sort of technical deficiency, but because the game was promoted as something it was not. On PC the was not so good and due to the implementation of a dreadful anti-piracy system, many dealt with such hair-pulling obstacles, they finally just abandoned it all together. Uplay should have been dubbed U-won’t-play, as it proved to be utterly abysmal from top to bottom.


The characters, including Aiden, are not interesting and that really hurts any campaign mission. Story is super boring and they stretch it out with so much filler that you lose track of what you are even doing. Well Ubisoft in some way trying to make it like their own GTA kind of game. But it’s a disappointment. The car driving mechanism isn’t that great .The graphics looks buggy & the audio too. When you play, your mind will certainly compare it with GTA & you will find this game isn’t worth its price. In fact you won’t even play it after 1 or 2 hours of gameplay.