The Crew:

It should be on the top of list for a couple of reasons, but there is something more failed than this. But first talk about The Crew. You’ll find that to be a common theme among this list, but it becomes amplified when a project’s entire agenda is to focus 100% of its resources into pushing an online component. The other thing was the deliberate sandbagging the studio did in getting the game out for reviewers to preview.


In an age where shooters don’t need single player campaigns, it’s odd that developers feel the need to include one in racing games. Seriously, it makes no sense to me. I’d much rather have a full campaign in Titanfall that tells me a little more lore about the world, instead of a story in The Crew. God forbid the servers ever go down and the game becomes unplayable, that’s the stuff of SimCity nightmares, and I’m sure Ubisoft doesn’t want that on their hands.


After finishing a challenge, you’re bombarded with ‘results’ text on the top half of the screen, that also tend to block your vision of the road ahead, forcing you to stop to get out of this menu.