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  • Fallout 76 – The Forest – All Magazine Location Guide

    There is a huge list f Magazine that you need to find in Fallout 76, divided into 12 different publications. Once you have spotted a location and you can’t find Magazine there, it means it’s isn’t appearing yet or taken by another player so check after some time to collect it. More

  • Fallout 76 – Where to Find Power Armors Frames Guide

    In order to complete a Power Armor you need to find and collect all its frames, which you can find at different locations in different zones, with each frame you will also get a Fusion Core, which you need to use the Power Armor. More

  • Far Cry 5 – All Vinyl Crate Map Locations

    Vinyl Crate is another collectible that you can find around the Whitetail Mountains, there are total 10 Vinyl Crates that you can find. There is not any other Vinyl Crate in any other region. You May Also Like: All Prepper Stashes Location Guide All Cult Outposts Location Guide Guns For Hire Guide Fangs For Hire Guide […] More

  • Far Cry 5 – All Perk Magazine Map

    Perk Magazines are required to unlock new perk for your characters, each Perk Magazine will gives you one perk point, there are various number of magazines that you can find to unlock the new perks. More

  • Far Cry 5 – All Comic Book Location Guide

    There are 12 hidden Comic Books that you can find in Hope’s Country. If you want to unlock the locations of all Comic Books you need to complete the Golden Age Nostalgia side mission, also you can buy the map from the shop with 1200$. More

  • Far Cry 5 – How to Unlock All Outfits

    In Far Cry 5 you have lots of option to customizing your outfit. At the start you only have some clothes but later on in the game you can unlock more cool and awesome outfit and other clothes. More

  • Far Cry 5 – Side Missions Detail and Reward

    There are plenty of side mission that you can complete in the game, you can find these mission if different areas of the 3 regions (John’s Region : Holland Valley – Jacob’s Region: Whitetail Mountains and Faith’s Region: Henbane River). More

  • Far Cry 5 – Perks Detail and How to Unlock

    If you want to become more powerful in Far Cry 5, you need to unlock as many as perks you can. Because perks will enhance your character abilities. To unlock the new perks you need to gain more and more perks points which you can earn by performing different actions in the game, also find […] More

  • Far Cry 5 – All Challenges Detail

    In Far Cry 5 you have  a huge list of challenges that you can complete, completing these challenges will gives you  Perk Points, which you can use to improve your character abilities. These challenges are divided into 4 categories. More

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