2015 will be a gaming year for the Xbox One and PS4 users, many famous titles are going to release in al genre – Action, Shooting, RPG as well as sports. For now here are best RPGs titles that you should play next year on Xbox One and PS4.

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07 – Dead Island 2


Let’s start with the Dead Island 2, it is one of the most anticipated action RPG’s of 2015, the game is set several months after the horrific events that took place on Banoi, the US government has now placed California under quarantine after another Zombie outbreak. From the E3 trailer to the gameplay footages at Gamescom 2014, Dead Island 2 is definitely on the list for many players. The game will be awesome with weapon customizations whit which players will have new creative ways of slicing, dicing, frying and freezing the walking dead. Game features real locations from the Golden State, including Venice beach, Santa Monica and many of San Francisco’s famous landmarks.

06 – Final Fantasy XV


Final Fantasy XV – the story of a young king sworn to defend the last crystal in the world from the “hectic order” outside of his kingdom. It’s a fight between ancient and modern technology, and the struggle of one king to protect the old ways. Final Fantasy XV will feature an Active Cross Battle system which helps players to begin battles with no load screens, transitions or special areas to destroy their enemies. Characters will have the ability to traverse the environment, in a free-running style, which will extend to battle with much larger enemies.