Mario’s goal is to track down Bowser, and he needs Power Moons to do it. Beating the stuffing out of the Koopa king and getting Peach back are the goals, but most of the work toward those goals involves digging up Power Moons. During the first visit to each new kingdom, some Power Moons need to be collected from that region for the Odyssey to refuel and repair for the journey forward.

Metro Kingdom Power Moon:

There are 81 total Power Moons at Metro Kingdom. 16 power moons can be obtained while helping Mayor Pauline restore New Donk City to its pre-Mechawiggler glory. Others are listed below.

Girder Sandwich

Locate the vertical maze of girders on the eastern side of the city and wall jump your way up to the top of the smaller 7-shaped girder (viewed from the south). Wall jump off the office building to reach the top of the girder where the Power Moon is located.

Glittering Above the Pool

There’s a Power Moon hovering above the rooftop swimming pool in the northwest corner of the city. Mario can reach it by bouncing off the patio umbrella. As for reaching the rooftop itself, try leaping from the roof of New Donk City Hall. Better yet, dive from the top of the antenna into the pool—you might even be able to grab the Power Moon on the way in (see Power Moon #12 for details).

Dizzying Heights

Of course, there’d be a Power Moon atop the highest point in the city! Ride the Spark Pylons to the uppermost level of New Donk City Hall (see Power Moon #20 for more details) and start climbing. Mario can hop onto the gold-capped ledges and climb the vertical columns. Leap for the golden antenna and climb all the way to the Power Moon. Now that you’re up here, why not dive into the swimming pool on the neighboring building?

Who Piled Garbage on This?

Bounce off the taxi behind the Scooter to reach the fire-escape leading to the rooftop where the flower planter was. Continue westward across the neighboring rooftops to find a pile of garbage bags in the corner, behind billboards. Knock aside the garbage bags and ground pound the glow to uncover a Power Moon.

Hidden in the Scrap

Warp to Mayor Pauline Commemorative Park and investigate the chunk of scrap metal from the former Mechawiggler. It must have landed in the park after exploding. Climb on top of it and ground pound it to uncover a hidden Power Moon.

Left at the Café?

Head to the northwest corner of the city and use the Spark Pylon on the rear of the building with the rooftop café to reach the café. Stand off to the side and wait for the birds to congregate. There’s a Power Moon buried in the tile where those birds gather. Walk closely toward that spot and feel for the vibrations in the controller. Ground pound the spot where the vibrations rumble the strongest.

Caught Hopping on a Building!

There’s a rabbit hopping around on the building across from the Rooftop Garden warp flag, overlooking the south plaza. Mario can’t just go after the rabbit head-on, as it will quickly leap to one of the other grass-covered rooftops. Instead, warp to the Rooftop Garden and use the Pole there to flick Mario across to the roof where the couple is sitting on a bench. The rabbit should be there. If not, chase him to that position. Mario lands in a sprint after using the Pole. Sprint toward the rabbit and hit it with Cappy as Mario barrels into it.

How Do They Take Out the Trash?

There’s a garbage dumpster high atop the girder that rises above the heliport in the northeast section of the city. And there’s a Power Moon inside that dumpster free to anyone who can reach it. But how? The answer is as easy as it is shocking. Warp to New Donk City Hall Rooftop and drop to the level below it on the east side. Use the Spark Pylon to ascend all the way to uppermost level of the skyscraper. Approach the northeast corner overlooking the dumpster, and jump for it! Tackle jump partway through the freefall and steer Mario through the air toward the dumpster as if he could fly. It’s a terrifying leap, but one that is well within his reach.

Metro Kingdom Timer Challenge 1

The three white and black panels seesaw under Mario’s weight, tipping downwards the longer he spends on either end. To reach the Power Moon floating above the third platform, Mario must use his weight to angle the platforms so that he can leap from their raised end to the next higher platform. A quick way to reach the Power Moon is to run across the first platform, leap from the upward end and tackle jump to the far end of the second platform. Run to the right, to ensure it tips upward to the left, then run left and leap for the third platform. Immediately ground pound the right-hand end of the third platform to ensure the angle is steep enough for Mario to reach the Power Moon.

Metro Kingdom Timer Challenge 2

Ride the Spark Pylons to the very top of New Donk City Hall and hop aboard the Scooter (it’s best to not wonder how it got up here). Drive over the P-Switch to make a checkerboard platform appear. Drive a clockwise lap around the platform, aiming for the key up ahead. Accelerate through the key and around the turn to get the unlocked Power Moon before it disappears. If you fall off, just warp to New Donk City Hall Rooftop, drop a level on the east side of the building, and take the Spark Pylon there all the way to the top.

How You Doin’, Captain Toad?

Captain Toad is hanging out on a metal beam extending far to the north behind New Donk City Hall. Walk around the building and tiptoe out onto the beam to greet him. Ever-cheery Captain Toad found a Power Moon inside one of the buildings and wants Mario to have it. Isn’t he the best?

Free Parking: Rooftop Hop

Hop aboard a Scooter and ride it to the northeast corner of the city. Slowly and carefully drive it up the switchbacking stairs near the blue fence (in front of the building east of New Donk City Hall). Tap the throttle ever so lightly as you make the turns to avoid falling off the stairs. Leap with the Scooter up the ledges to the rooftop where a man stands near a parking meter and a small ramp. Drive the Scooter up onto the ramp (the tires lock into place when successful). But instead of paying the meter, the man gives Mario a Power Moon.

Bench Friends

There’s a man sitting on a bench around the corner from the Crazy Cap store and he could really use some company. Take a seat on the bench next to him—it won’t take long, just a momentary gesture to show you care. Travelers are often the recipients of random acts of kindness. Take this opportunity to pass it forward.

Shopping in New Donk City

Enter the Crazy Cap store and proceed to the counter in the yellow portion of the shop. Purchase the Metro Kingdom Power Moon for 100 coins to add another Power Moon to your collection.

Metro Kingdom Slots

The Slots at Metro Kingdom play just as the ones at Sand Kingdom—there’s even a friendly Tostarenan serving as host! The one difference is that there are four rotating icons instead of just three. Once again, stand directly in front of each icon, wait for the heart to appear, then toss Cappy from two tiles away to hit the Power Moon that appears next in the rotation. Do this for all four to win the game.

Jump-Rope Hero

The two ladies in the plaza near Talkatoo are just waiting for someone to jump in and join them in a game of jump rope. Stand back and wait for them to get the rope swinging then jump in and start hopping over the rope as it swings past. This isn’t quite as easy as it sounds, since the speed of the rope increases after every five jumps. Consider rotating the camera so that it’s on an angle (or aligned with the rope) so you can best see it pass over. Lightly jump as the rope begins its downward trajectory. Clear the rope 30 times without a miss to earn a Power Moon.

Jump-Rope Genius

If you’re looking for a challenge, then you’ve come to the right spot. This is arguably the most difficult Power Moon to earn in the entire game. The task is clear: jump the rope 100 times without a miss. The speed of the rope increases every five jumps, but only until 50. Once you’ve cleared the rope 50 times, the speed is set. Continue tapping in that same rhythm—not too hard—to keep pace with the ladies swinging the rope. It can be very tough to not inadvertently jump too high so be sure to tap lightly and avoid moving Mario around.