The Talos Principle is a philosophical first-person puzzle game, want to grab all the stars in The TALOS Principle, this guide gives you the straight way to the stars.

The Stars are secret items that can then be used to unlock Secret Levels where you can complete more Secret Puzzles! The gates to these Secret Levels can be found in each of the three World Hubs. You can get more Stars by using the Sigils of Elohim codes.

There are a total of 30 stars. 10 Stars are needed to open a Secret Star Gate.

Below you will find the locations of all the stars.

Area: A-1

Location: In the main hub, one without the teleporting bad and before the computer, go back a few steps till you find the turret with 2 jammers. Go up the ladder to the left of the turret and grab the jammers. Bring those back to main hub. Go towards the “only two of us puzzle (DONT GO IN THE PUZZEL). In that small room there should be 2 closed gates, there is a switch hidden in the corner, pull that and bring your brain and jammers.

The puzzle behind the gate is tricky!

Area: A-2

Location: Get to “The guards must be crazy” section, Grab the keys and dont forget to go up the ladder hidden in the corner by the plants. Go to the Hun and walk straight down to the gates. Open em with keys and find a jammer. The star is hidden in a small ruin between “the guards must be crazy” and “hall of windows”.

It’s tricky to find but it should be just a few steps from the portal.

Area: A-3

Location: To the right of the Spawn hub, there is a stone with a QR code which reads “31 39 36 39 2f 30 37 2f 32 30 20 32 30 3a 31 38”  Decoded from Hex Code is: 1969/07/20 20:18. Which are XX and VII in roman. Go around the water pool and find the pillars XX and VII, Click the buttons on the pillars and behold, the water pool will lower reviling a stair. Puzzle behind the stairs is really hard and tricky.

Area: A-4

Location: When you’re in the puzzle area called “Push it Further”, find the blue emitter. Stand in front of it and look 90 degrees to your right. You will see a tree. If you’re holding a connector, you will be able to lock onto this connector in the tree. Leave the puzzle area (i.e. Push it Further) and head towards the puzzle area called ‘Above all that’.

Once inside, you will find a raised platform between the red and blue emitters. Take a connector, hook it up to the red emitter, get onto the platform and look back towards the tree with a connector in it. Without a map, you’ll need some basic spatial awareness. That’s it – just make sure your connector back in the ‘Push it Further’ area is connected to the connector in the tree and the red receiver on the wall beside the star.

Area: A-5

Location: In the far left puzzle area (leaving the teleporter), as you enter the puzzle, immediately to the left of the entrance is a niche with a hidden switch. Pull this switch to reveal a hidden wall to one of the stars, as well as a connector in a niche down the right side. Position this connector in the entrance pathway to the puzzle connecting the emitter from the far right-side puzzle area, to the receiver for the star’s force field. The lasers will pass through the blue restrictor fields but not the devices.

Location: The second star is located in the near-left puzzle area with the three turrets and two bomb buddies. After clearing two of the turrets with the bombs like you would to reach the sigil, take the jammer and re-jam the force field in the area. In, and to the left is a niche containing the star.

Area: A-6

Location: For this puzzle, we’ll be trying to jump over the not-so-tall wall on the left side of the hub area, between the “Mobile Minefield” and “Deception” puzzles areas (i.e. the star is NOT in a puzzle area). So, starting at the entrance portal, run to the very end of the hub area until your get to the far wall; just run around any obstacles until you’re at the tall wall that marks the boundary of the hub area. Behind one of the crumbling remains of low wall, you will find a box. Pick it up, run over to the low wall mentioned before (i.e. the one between the two puzzle areas), and place it beside the little protruding piece of wall. Jump on the box, then onto the protruding wall element, and, finally, onto the wall itself. Grab the star on the other side.

Area: A-7

Location: The star in A7 is located in the puzzle area called “Two Pesky Little Buzzers”. When you enter this area, take left, you will notice a space with a blue receiver on the wall. However, there are no blue emitters in this area. Head back to the entrance of Two Pesky Little Buzzers and look out directly across the map: you will see the entrance to another puzzle area called “Locked from Inside”. Incidentally, beams can pass through the purple force fields.

In Two Pesky Little Buzzers, you will free two connectors (again, you’ve completed the base puzzle) and set them up at right angles, such that the first one is connected to the blue receiver and the other connector, which itself is standing in front of the entrance looking out over the main hub towards Locked from Inside.

Location: Now head towards Locked from Inside and make your way to the blue emitter. Set up 2 or 3 connectors so that the blue beam is routed to a connector in front of the door and join the two puzzle areas.

Credit: Steam Community – Creepyfinger – Andrew Marpleton the Third – Jorsh – Scorchedmuffins – Pony Flare – jewel and Sergeant Sphynx