Here are the locations of all the stars that you can find in the second world of the The Talos Principle. If you are looking to find the stars in first world (A), you can find it here in this guide.

The Stars are secret items that can then be used to unlock Secret Levels where you can complete more Secret Puzzles! The gates to these Secret Levels can be found in each of the three World Hubs. You can get more Stars by using the Sigils of Elohim codes.

There are a total of 30 stars. 10 Stars are needed to open a Secret Star Gate.

Area: B-1

Location: The star here is located inside the puzzle “Something About a Star”. You take the connector, link it to the receiver, and park the connector by the doorway. The red laser emitter you need is across the way in the puzzle “Window Through a Door”. Take a connector inside this puzzle, link it to the emitter near the front of the puzzle, link it to the connector back in Something and place the connector, opening the star in Something.

Area: B-2

Location: Put the connector on top of the box on top of the fan and activate it in Moonshot. Then head to the “Tomb” puzzle and get all the props at the entrance of the puzzle. When you enter, there is a secret passage behind the right statue. Get in there, jam the first gate and use the two connectors to get the beam from Moonshot to the second gate.

Area: B-3

Location: The star is located behind a red-laser secured hidden door just inside the puzzle ‘Blown Away’. You can link the connector to the receiver located on the wall immediately to the left of the doorway, Inside the puzzle area ‘Whoosh’, is a connector that permanently links the red emitter with the receiver. You need to place a box down just before the force field in ‘Blown Away’ so that it props up the ‘Blown’ connector and allow it to link the ‘Whoosh’ connector, with the star’s receiver. Then stand on the force field plate until it registers. Step off, and the hidden door opens, allowing you passage to the star

Area: B-4

Location: After beating The Right Angle, you should have access to two boxes. Go to the stunning orb that’s by himself near the first red receiver. Place one box on the ground near his path. Grab the other one and stand on top of it. Place the box you’re holding on the orb’s head, then jump on top of your newly build box-orb. When it gets near the wall near the palm tree, you should see a prompt to jump on top of it. The star is (I think) on the other side.

Location – 2: After you get the first star, you need to take the 2 connectors on the fan to the outside of “the right angle”. Then take one of the connectors to the right side of the Sphinx and connect it with the receiver on the top of the pyramid. Then take the second connector to the front of the Spinx and connect it. A door will open and you’ll find the second star.

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Area: B-5

Location: you go into the puzzle with the fans behind the iron curtain I believe, you take both boxes up the fan with you, put one in the fan, use the other to jump on the one in the fan, use that to jump the wall and get the fan, this allows you to get the fan behind the fence to the pillar, and then in one of the other puzzles you are able to take, slightly elevated sigil, you are able to put the box on the fan, power the fan, grab the second bacon, jump on the box before the power kicks on for its delayed, and then jump on the wall up there, from up there you are able to power the fan on the pillar.

Area: B-7

Location: Easily seen in Bouncing Side by Side. To get it, you need to find the 3rd cube after solving A Fan Across Forever and have the connector above all three, over the fan (have the jammer on the switch, just dropping the extra blocks on the fan will raise the connector higher). Then you need a very tight angle back in Bouncing Side by Side..

Location – 2: Back to A Fan Across Forever, bring all three cubes across the gap and form stairs up the back wall. Jump up, grab the topmost cube, jump out, and then run towards the gate in front of the pyramid. Place cube on fan switch and jump to the star. (Could also bring the connector if you wish to leave your stairs)