Here are the locations of all the stars that you can find in the third world of The Talos Principle. If you are looking to find the stars in first world (A), you can find it here in this Guide and for World (B), find it in this Guide.

The Stars are secret items that can then be used to unlock Secret Levels where you can complete more Secret Puzzles! The gates to these Secret Levels can be found in each of the three World Hubs. You can get more Stars by using the Sigils of Elohim codes.

There are a total of 30 stars. 10 Stars are needed to open a Secret Star Gate.

Area: C-1

Location: In “Labyrinth” gets a jammer to the beginning by the entrance and looks left, through an arch is a far away turret that needs jamming. It’s protecting a connector; take it to the other side of “Labyrinth” where the star is. Line it up with the hole in “The Conservitory“. Link up and you’re done.

Area: C-2

Location: In “A ditch and a fence” put the box by the wall with the emitter. Record yourself with the pad at the bottom of the stairs, then move up and jump on the box. Now on play mode grab the box, put in on your clone and hop on. Go for a ride and hop the fence for the star.

Area: C-3

Location: First make sure “jammer quarantine” has the blue floating connecter set up. Then in “Three little connectors and a fan” get the floating connector connected to the first blue floating one. Now you should have two floating blues connected (this is important). Finally in “Weathertop” make sure you beat it so the end gate is down. Grab the two boxes and prepare stairs on the left side (you should be able to see the star through the grate). Using two connectors (one is positioned roughly where the sigil was, getting blue from “Three little connectors”) channel the blue through the entrance past the exit gate and to the far blue connector. Then using the jammer gets the 3rd box for your stairs to a star.

Area: C-4

Location: “Throne Room” you can see the star on the right when standing in the vertical fan. Grab a box and put it on top of the ledge where the fan is so you can jump into the high point of the fan stream. Then just jump to the star.

Location – 2: There is a really cheesy/cheating way to get the second star on C.4. Take the box up to the upper level in Oubliette, and then use it to jump onto the detail on the wall with the gate. Carefully walk around that detail to the main wall. Walk on the walls until you get to the area with the star. Once you have the star, just reset to exit.

Area: C-5

Location: Time Flies”, at the end of the puzzle DON’T EXIT THE STAIRS; instead walk on top of the wall to the right, there is a star in a pit on the right.

Location – 2: Up close and jammed” Once the puzzle is complete, bring the jammer into the center and jam the turret, then just ride two boxes on the mine and jump the left fence.

Location – 3: Make sure “Time Flies” has its floating red box. Go to “Up close and jammed” and get a connector on the raised platform and look at “Dumbwaiter”, there should be a red thing on the left side, link it to the time flies red. The gate at the back of “Dumbwaiter” is now open by the back stairs. If you can’t get a box back there, you can just jump using the railings.

Area: C-6

Location: “The seven doors of recording” once beaten, restart to get all the items back at the beggining. The star is to the right of the sigil. Take the jammer and jam the first force field, and use the connector on the second pressure plate. Next activate a clone but don’t do anything, give yourself about enough time to get over there and back. Now with the cloned items holding the way for you, grab the jammer and open the star on the right.

Credit: Steam Community – Creepyfinger – Andrew Marpleton the Third – Jorsh – Scorchedmuffins – Pony Flare – jewel and Sergeant Sphynx