These video game outfits are cool and practical enough to make the transition into the real world. One of the most amazing and everyone want to try this Assassin’s Creed Ezio outfit. These outers literally make video game characters jump from the computer screen into reality.

N7 Uniforms – Mass Effect Series


N7 gear that Shepard and rest of the Normandy crew rock outside of battle fits right in on a breezy day. The stylish N7 hoodies are actually already available online and it’s hard to visit a gaming event without spotting one or two. Stay warm out there, soldiers.

Faith’s Running Gear – Mirror’s Edge


It may be perfect for scaling giant buildings and jumping across insane gaps, but it’s also perfect for running out to the gas station or relaxing on the couch. More than anything, we just really want to try on a pair of those split-toe running shoes.