Snow’s Outfit – Final Fantasy Xiii


From the brown duster to the decorative bandana, everything about this Final Fantasy outfit screams 1980s celebrity fashion. It may look a little silly at first glance, but if you’re trying to channel your inner Breakfast Club or Say Anything style, this Final Fantasy look will get you there.

Alan Wake’s Layers – Alan Wake


It’s time to take a lesson from Alan Wake and layer up. Not only did everyone’s favorite fictional horror writer teach us all how to survive the darkness, but he also reminded us that there’s a way to stay warm while looking good. Hoodie, jacket or heavy winter coat.

Cold-Weather Gear – Watch Dogs


Watch Dogs’ Aiden Pearce gives a better example of an urban cold-weather look. He still incorporates the ever-important layers, but the high collars and black ball cap give him a much less formal look. The facemask may be a little too much, but if you find yourself heading up a ski lift or outside at a football game, then it might be just the thing to fight the cold.