In 2014, more developers and companies are making games than ever. More than 1500 titles line Greenlight’s shelves, dozens of Kickstarter projects are coming to fruition and almost everything is headed to early access. Game of the Year is a title awarded by various websites, and shows to a deserving game. Many publications award a single “Game of the Year” to a single title that they feel represents the pinnacle of gaming achievement that year.

Some the main site have announced their “Game Of The Year”, like GameSpot choose Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor – GamesRadar choose Destiny and The Game Awards also announced the Game Of The Year titles according to different categories.

For now we have a list of all the possible games that should be the Game Of The Year and in 2015 they will have their game of the year title. So check out the list below and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Dragon Age: Inquisition


GameSpot hosts a poll for the Readers’ GOTY, and as a result readers choose Dragon Age: Inquisition as Game Of The Year. Dragon Age: Inquisition is about making you feel like a boss. Inquisition is filled with little touches that put you in command of something larger than yourself. Several features that were scaled back in Dragon Age 2 have been smartly expanded upon here, reaching a nice equilibrium between the strategic gameplay of Origins and the flashy action of its sequel.

Exploring your companions identities and the world isn’t always smooth, but for something of this magnitude, some rough edges can be forgiven. The Inquisitor has more important things to consider, after all, like which cohort is dreamiest.