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  • KuSo

    As helpful as this is over nothing, it is not good. I mean, look at 49… there is no information there about where to find it.
    Overall the English is very poor, which is detrimental to a purely text based walkthrough.
    Perhaps actually proof read and edit before posting, as well as maybe show pictures of each lobsters location.
    The most helpful would be a map of NLA with little red dots or something with the lobsters are, with a little description of where they are.

  • anon

    I agree, this guide isn’t very helpful.
    I appreciate the sentiment, but it’s very difficult to tell where some of the Lobsters are, and their location is all over the place. I mean, for Lobster 78 you make us go all the way back to Lobsters 74 and 75, why?

    When you do a text-only guide, you need to be as clear and unambiguous as possible. If you can’t, post a screenshot.
    I’m short 3 Lobsters and I can’t find them, even after following this guide. I’ll have to wait until someone posts a better guide or makes a Youtube video of it.

    Thanks for your effort anyway. Hopefully you’ll take my feedback to heart and make a better guide next time.

  • anon

    I found a better guide than this. It has pictures and is a whole lot easier to follow:

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