Assassin’s Creed Origins – All Animal Lairs Location Guide

Animal lairs, found throughout Egypt, house elite wildlife stronger than normal animals. These creatures are typically found at some kind of den, surrounded by weaker animals of the same species. Kill the alpha animal to earn XP and collect an increased loot value from the corpse.

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Animal Lairs Activity Details:

  • Total Lairs: 40
  • Objective: Kill Animal
  • Related Quests: Thick Skin (Suggested Level: 13)
  • Reward: XP Per Lair

Cobra Lair

  • Type: Defensive
  • Resource: 1 Cobra Venom/Cobra
Territory Level Location
Saqqara Nome N/A Next to pyramid of Djoser, on west side inside small building

In Saqqara Nome, you must slide through a small opening on the room’s north side. Don’t move too far inside, as a few cobras are nearby. Grab the treasure while inside the room.

Crocodile Lairs

  • Type: Defensive
  • Resource: Hard Leather
Territory Level Location
Lake Mareotis 8 Small island, just southeast of the Temple of Sekhmet
Sap-Meh Nome 14 East coast of Lake Mareotis in northwest corner of Sap-Meh Nome
Sap-Meh Nome 14 Near middle of territory, northwest of Anthylla Outpost within a small canyon
Sap-Meh Nome 14 East side of territory, southeast of Apollodorus’s estate
Ineb-Hedjet Nome 21 North of the city of Memphis in shallow waters, just off the eastern coast of the territory—directly south of Pr-Hapi-n-lwnw
Faiyum Oasis 30 On east coast of waterway, between Philadelphia and Krokodilopolis
Im-Khent Nome 32 Far north side of Nome, north of Udjat Apiary
Herakleion Nome 32 Southeast of Thonis and directly west of Yw Huts
Herakleion Nome 33 Far southwest corner of the Nome, southwest of Natho

Hippopotamus Lairs

  • Type: Defensive
  • Resource: Hard Leather
Territory Level Location
Lake Mareotis 8 On west shore of lake, between Lakeside Villa Outpost and Temple of Sekhmet
Lake Mareotis 14 Southeast side of lake, southwest of Sais village
Faiyum 27 Northwest corner of the lake
Uab Nome 30 On the east shore of the narrow strip of land that juts out of the northwest corner of Uab Nome, directly west of Krokodilopolis
Uab Nome 31 On northern shore of Nome, southeast of Krokodilopolis, across Tomb of Amenemhat III
Herakleion Nome 33 Southwest section of territory, northwest of Natho

Hyena Lairs

  • Type: Predator
  • Resource: Soft Leathe
Territory Level Location
Siwa 3 Northeast side of lake, at small watering hole
Sap-Meh Nome 14 North coast, across water from Alexandria
Giza 19 West side of region at end of path that runs between Tombs of Khafre and Menkaure
Saqqara Nome 25 About 250 meters southwest of Nitria village, directly west of the Bent Pyramid of Djoser
Faiyum 27 Southwest portion of territory, directly west of Dionysias
Uab Nome 31 South of Dioryx Megale Wharf, toward the middle of Uab Nome—west of a world portal.
Isolated Desert 39 Northwest of Theos Elpis Rift, on the south side of a narrow canyon that connects to Qattara Depression

Ibex Lair

  • Type: Prey
  • Resource: Soft Leather
Territory Level Location
Siwa 3 East of city and northeast of big lake, at smaller watering hole

Leopard Lairs

  • Type: Predator
  • Resource: Pelts
Territory Level Location
Saqqara Nome 20 Directly east of Pyramid of Djoser, in northeast corner of Nome—northwest of Memphis
Faiyum 27 Far southeast portion of territory, between Philadelphia and Kerke villages
Uab Nome 33 East border of Nome, southeast of Etesias’ Olive Grove—atop a plateau along with a small ruins
Libue 34 South-central region of territory, near top of mountain, amongst ruins
Green Mountains 34 Near middle of territory, northeast of Necropolis Hideout, southwest of Collis Roman Hunting Camp, and northwest of Aquaeductus Kyrenaike

Lion/Lioness Lairs

  • Type: Predator
  • Resource: Hard Leather
Territory Level Location
Ka-Khem Nome 20 Southern portion of Nome, directly east of Letopolis
Haueris Nome 33 Southern portion of Nome, northwest of Hermopolis and south of limestone quarry
Libue 34 West-central region of territory, at ruins atop mountain northeast of Saragina Camp
Marmarica 40 Top of mountain in middle of territory, west of Livius Roman Tower

Vulture Lairs

  • Type: Defensive
  • Resource: None
Territory Level Location
Siwa 3 Burnt village along the path that leads into the south side of the city of Siwa
Lake Mareotis 8 Just west of the lake, northwest of Temple of Sekhmet
Saqqara Nome 24 East-central portion of region, between Temple of Djoser and Tomb of Sneferu
Faiyum 27 North side of Faiyum, northwest of the lake, near a dome-shaped rock formation
Green Mountains 34 Just north of circular stone ruins, south of Collis Roman Hunting Camp
Isolated Desert 39 West side of desert, east of Pissa Oros Citadel near a partial tower
Isolated Desert 39 West of Remetch Ra village, den sits at base of rock pillars

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