Assassin’s Creed Origins – Combat Tips

In Assassin’s Creed Origins you have 3 types combat, ranged, melee, and stealth. You will have a large range of melee weapons to fight head to head. Ranged combat consists mostly of bows and arrows. Four types of bows offer different attacks: hunter bows (standard), predator bows (sniping), light bows (rapid fire), and warrior bows (spread fire).

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Stealth attacks or assassinations are the simplest and quietest means to kill your rivals. Interact button to attempt an assassination. The higher Bayek’s level is in relation to the target, the more likely the assassination will succeed.

The crafting level of the hidden blade also determines the amount of damage caused with a sneak attack. When a stealth attack is available, the enemy’s health bar shows the amount of damage that will be caused with a successful attack.


Tall grass, hay/palm leaf piles, and booths offer hiding spots for Bayek allowing you to perform assassinations on unsuspecting foes and escape an enemy pursuit. Hold the Loot button next to a corpse to pick it up. Place it in inconspicuous locations or other guards will become alert when they find a corpse. These hiding locations are great spots to stow the bodies. Press down on the D-pad to perform a short whistle. This gets the attention of a nearby enemy, and he may investigate the sound. Perform the whistle from a hiding spot and assassinate the foe when he’s close enough.

Horses In Combat

Fighting on a horse presents extra challenges, as you control the mount while attempting to attack your rivals. This also gives a tactical advantage, since you are harder to hit. Attacks are performed in the same manner, except that you are on a mobile horse. When fighting a horseman, attacks against the horse damage the rider. Swipe at the moving target with light attacks and use your bow when farther away. It is possible to knock the enemy off the horse with enough damage.


Click the right stick to focus your attention on your target. Move the right stick in another enemy’s direction to switch focus. This is extremely helpful when multiple foes are nearby. Try to target the biggest threats first and attempt to pull them away from packs, but be careful of ranged fire from your opponents. If possible, maneuver so that objects are situated between the archers and you.


Damage caused is dependent on many factors, including the weapon and its level, Bayek’s level, and the crafting level of certain gear (bracer, stabilizer, and hidden blade). A higher quality rating on a weapon typically indicates more damage.

Adrenaline Meter

The bar builds with every successful hit with bonuses when certain attributes are attached to your weapon. Once it is full, the Light Attack + Heavy Attack buttons appear on the bar, indicating that your Overpower ability is available. Pressing the two buttons releases the devastating attack, though be sure the timing is right. With an enemy targeted, wait for an opening and perform the ability.

The attack varies, depending on the type of melee weapon equipped. Regular swords, dual swords, spears, and heavy blades perform an overpower attack. Sickle swords, heavy blunts, and scepters trigger a fury mode, which increases damage and speed for a few seconds.

Tagging An Enemy

By aiming your bow at an enemy or moving the reticle over a foe in Senu’s hover mode, you can tag the target, making them visible even when behind cover. A marked enemy’s level is indicated above his head. A red background on an enemy’s level indicates he is a higher level than you. A skull means he is at least four levels above yours, so consider retreating in this case.


Firebombs set enemies and certain flammable objects on fire upon impact, causing extra elemental damage. Fires are good for damaging your rivals, and they can create a barrier between enemies and yourself. Bayek can fling these a decent distance, so keep them in mind whenever infiltrating an enemy base.

Smoke Screen

Press Loot button after performing melee attack or dodge roll.

Once you have the Smoke Screen ability, you can add a cloud of smoke to a fight after performing a successful melee attack or dodge roll. Quickly press the Loot button after these actions to use the powder, stunning nearby enemies and creating a smoke screen. With the Smoke Screen Damage ability, this tool becomes more valuable damaging any enemy caught in the cloud. The smoke breaks line of sight, allowing you to flee trouble, so it is best to have at least one available for fights that become overwhelming.

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