Cuphead – Controller Issue Fix

Many players reported that they have some kind of controller issues with the different controlled like simple controller or with “x360ce”. For some players simple controller work fine but they have to use keyboard for selecting and using menus.

Below we have some of the fix for the controller issue which can help you with your problem.

#1 – FIX:

  • Go to settings select controller settings and check generic gamepad controller support.
  • Uncheck everything else
  • Set your bindings in there if you haven’t done it before
  • Now Go into the game, everything should work fine. if something does not work fine just go to in-game settings and change your bindings

Having Issue with x360ce

If you want to get Cuphead running with x360ce, all you need to do is open Cuphead;

Go into Options > Controls, press Remove Controller, then manually open up x360ce (windowed mode is recommended).

Make sure it is running completely fine. Then, go back to Cuphead and press Assign Controller, click inside the x360ce window and quickly press a button on your controller.

To check if it worked, just look at the button mapping of the controller: If it says D-Pad Up, Left Stick Up, A, X and the likes, Enjoy the game without any further restrictions.


If after assign controller in game and a timer screen appears, change to the x360ce screen the controller is not assigned.

when the timer appears, set both joysticks to nutrual, then press A, then press the button you want.


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