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After such a long time, the Capcom is about to release the Devil May Cry 5 after the success of past 4 episodes. The core storyline of the game is quite similar but the characters now in the serious style. This game is officially going to release on 8th of March 2019 for multiple gaming platforms including.


  • PlayStation 4.
  • Xbox One

Take a look at the official Devil May Cry 5 shown during The Game Awards 2018. The trailer is already gone viral and got many 2.5m views on youtube.

Devil Trigger, a song by Casey Edwards feat. Ali Edwards selected as an OST for the game and got 19m views on Youtube.

In the series of Devil May Cry, the 5th episode of the game is going to have a splendid entry and promises to bring back the true sense of action with the style. The 1st episode of the series released back in 2001 since then it is the part of mouths.

In the Devil May Cry 5, you will experience the best playable characters, a whole new system of weapons, and a surprising number of other features from the previous game of the series. It seems like that DMC5 is the episode of the series which the fan is waiting for long-time and curiously.

There’s still a lot to find out about Devil May Cry 5 and the majority of its new battle mechanics- – including the new Co-Op mode that was uncovered amid trailer at The Game Awards. There’s been a great deal to take in as far back as its presentation at E3 2018, so we’ve separated things to a couple of key points to increase the overall interest of the DMC5 fans. Here’s all that we think about Capcom’s up and coming back to snappy activity in terms of action with Devil May Cry 5.

Devil May Cry 5 Intro

DMC5 or Devil May Cry 5 is the upcoming game developed by the Capcom under the genre of adventure & action. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best fine blends of adventure & action. It is the 5th successful episode of the long-running DMC series which is all about rapid & stylish action by using a number of new & unique weapons. It has been 16 years where the fan of DMC is enjoying the challenging battles & fast actions. With the release of each and every episode, the fame, stakes, and scope of the game are growing exponentially.

DMC5 follows its ancestors in term of stylish action in the major storyline. You will enjoy the 3 following the main playable characters.

  1. Dante.
  2. Nero.
  3. Newcomer V.

In the game, you have to go through a number of missions in which you have to knock down the heads of demons and monsters.

The game is running on the RE Engine yes, it is the same framework which is powering the RE7 & RE2 remake. (RE-Resident Evil). You will be able to enjoy the more detailed features which will also feel much improved and highlighted visuals of the series. According to the developers, the DMC5 is the biggest blast of the series which comprises of a number of brand-new features & innovations in the main gameplay.

When DMC5 is going to release & how Can I get it?

Yes, very soon you will see the DMC5 in the market for multiple gaming platforms. DMC5 is going to release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on 8th of March 2019. If it is your first time to interact with the DMC series then you must try the previous episodes of the Devil May Cry. All the previous editions of the game are available for PC, PS4, & Xbox. And you can easily buy it from the Steam Store & other platforms. Stay tuned with us to get latest & updated information about the DMC5.

Can I begin with DMC5?

Well to be honest & straight forward with you! it is not possible to jump straight into the 5th episode of the series. The game has mega storylines and references of character for almost 16 years that’s why. If you like to play the DMC5 then you must play the last episodes of the game because it will help you to understand a plethora of material and also help to boost your progressing speed in the DMC5.

But I just like to mention there DMC5 will also work in standalone edition as it is not necessary to know each and every single character & the relationship exist between different characters. But it will definitely have a great impact if you are familiar with the whole series of DMC5.

What’s New in Devil May Cry 5?

Despite the fact that numerous insights concerning Devil May Cry 5 are still under wraps, the DMC5 centers around offering the equivalent & exciting action moments – with some additional turns & twists.

Notwithstanding new weapons and changes to existing characters, and even an online Co-Op mode, DMC5 will likewise highlight another training level called the Void mode.

In this training territory, which can be pulled up in the middle of missions, you will be in particular space that lets you try different things with the distinctive moves and weapons you have access for the three main playable characters of the game.

From the past experience of Capcom related to the battling games, you can easily apply all the options to your sparring partners. Modifying the whole Article Intelligence, assault harm, & different choices – enabling you to discover what your character can do.

Nero The Main Character of DMC5 & Whole Series

After the DMC4 the Nero is one of the main characters in the Devil May Cry 5. There are a number of other playable characters in the game but the Nero is getting the leads in DMC5. Since its first appearance in the game, a lot of things have changed in the game. And you can easily observe all of these changes by simply watching the trailer of the game.

From the very beginning of the game, the primary moves of the Nero are quite same like using his revolver, Red Queen sword, but in DMC5 the moves are charged up for some extra damage. His Devil Bringer from the DMC4 has gone which allowing him to grapple and yank his enemies from the distance. But now he has to rely on the new Devil Breaker System.

Another character is Nico who play the role of shopkeeper in the headquarters, you can easily purchase the upgrades and other new items from her. Yes, you can also purchase the new Devil Breakers. The Devil Breaker is the disposable arm which the Nero can easily use to modify his different moves.

For example, if he wants to fire the projectile lasers, he can use the Gerbera weapon, he can also amplify the sword and gun strength with the help of the Tomboy, and with buster arm he can get the original functionality of his old & original devil bringer. All the weapons are quite fragile can easily be damaged when you receive enough damage from the enemies. So, try to keep on switching the weapons in order to survive long and keep your arms functional. On each level of the game you will a number of new & distinct arms which allow you to enjoy the fullest potential of the game.

Is there any Demo of DMC5?

The demo is the first thing a fan could wait for any game. Same in the case of DMC5. The demo or beta version of the Devil May Cry 5 is now us for the Xbox One. The demo is the same as the previous build of the game PAX West 2018, just like a short mission in which the Nero fighting his own way through the streets and at the end fight with the boss Goliath. But this demo is just available only for the Xbox One till 7th January.

However, on 7th January the second demo of the game is going to release for the fans and yes, this time on multiple platforms like Xbox One, PC, & PlayStation 4.

What is Co-Op Mode?

During the Game Awards in 2018, the authorities reveal DMC5 features including a new mechanic called Cameo System which allows the player to make a team online. Far interesting now, Co-Op is going to appear 2nd time in the series, the first time it appeared in the Devil May Cry 3 during a close fight with the boss.

According to the certain campaigns of the DMC5, the players can easily switch between the characters to carry on the play. Within the same stage, you can call other different characters to assist you to complete the level together. Once you complete the level you can assign some rate to the performance style of different characters. While you are offline no need to be worried about the characters because game engine intelligently controls them.

Dante, Real Devil Hunter

While discussing the Devil May Cry 5 how can we forget the main devil hunter the Dante? He makes a splendid comeback with a large number of destructive weapons. Dante is the only playable character which can easily swap between different swords, gauntlets, and many other firearms.

He is loaded with a fine mixture of different fighting styles which actually amplifies his ability to provide the core damage to the devils and restores any health if lost. Once the Dante defeats the boss, he will acquire a new destructive weapon which really a perfect add-on in his deadly set of weapons.

One of the more up to date advancements for Dante is to customize its explicit load outs for his skirmish and guns. During the early missions of the DMC5, you can pick which weapons you need to carry with you in the mission.

In the event that you need to come in completely equipped with the destructive arm – with up to four scuffle and guns each at the missions you can carry with you. if you feel you can easily proceed in the missions of the game with just 1 gun you can go. Dante is highly capable to use his different combat styles Sword master, Gunslinger, Trickster, and Royal Guard- – which can open up new moves to use for his weapons.

Microtransactions are the Part of DMC5 or not?

During the game awards 2018, its been observed that just like the DMC4 the DMC5 will feature the microtransaction which actually a kind of advantage for the players. Just like the Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition, you can only able to access the DMC currency “Red Orbs” when you purchase. Currency plays an important role to keep the things update. With the currency, you can also able to buy some new skills and weapons.

Post Launch Release the Bloody Palace in April 2019

Post Launch Release Increase More charm and fun to the game. The Capcom actually unveil the plan of releasing another mode of the game, the survival mode which they will release just after a month from the launch of the game. It will be one of the toughest challenges of the game. In this challenge survival mode, you have to fight against the 100 floors of enemies. Just cleaning 10 floors every time you have to face a boss fight. So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy the first update of DMC5 in April 2019.

Any Special Edition of DMC5?

Yes, DMC5 will have a deluxe edition for the multiple gaming platforms including PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The price of Deluxe Edition is just $70 with this you will get full DMC5 game, 4 distinct devil breakers for the Nero (leading character) which includes the

  • Mega Man’ mega buster
  • DLC Song Packs.
  • Multiple color schemes for the Characters & weapons.

The US users will be able to get the special Collector’s Edition for just only $150 which includes

  • Deluxe Edition of DMC5.
  • An Artbook.
  • Enamel Pins.
  • Bumper Sticker.
  • Special models of Nico’s

If you are the die heart fan of the DMC5 then you may look at the Japan-Only Limited Edition which actually cost up to $8600. A lot of things come with this edition, if you really die heart fan then you don’t miss spending thousands of Dollars for such a great video game.

Devil May Cry 5 Guide – Locations, Secret Missions, Weapons, and Special Abilities

You can play with three characters Nero, Dante and V. Each one of these has Intense weapons and special abilities listed below:

  • Wire Snatch
  • Red Queen
  • Blue Rose
  • Devil Breakers
  • Rebellion and other swords
  • Balrog
  • Cavaliere
  • King Cerberus
  • Ebony and Ivory
  • Coyote-A
  • Kalina Ann and Double Kalina Ann
  • Dr. Faust
  • Trigger Heart
  • Griffon
  • Shadow
  • Nightmare

Secret mission locations in Devil May Cry 5

If you are new to the series finding and completing secret missions can be tough. So we have simplified the process by writing the location guide. Secret mission challenges are hidden into the main story of DMC5 highlighted by a red, runic marking on the wall and once unlocked, can be played from the main menu.

Some of these missions required upgraded skills and abilities in order to complete the missions.

Secret Mission 1

Challenge: Eliminate all the demons in 90 seconds.

  • This secret mission can be found during mission 2 playing as Nero.
  • After walking down a long hallway, tendrils will erupt through the floor and walls, blocking the path but destroying the wall.
  • Enter the bedroom to see the markings on the wall.
  • Find the red glowing spot beside the bed and find the right angle.

Secret Mission 2

Challenge: Don’t let any Red Empusa escape.

  • Located in the sewers of mission 3 when playing as Nero.
  • Locate the stairwell with the floating Grim Grip and descend to the bottom level.
  • Stand in the doorway and look up toward the roof to spot the markings.

Secret Mission 3

Challenge: Collect all the red orbs.

  • Secret mission 3 can be found during mission 4 when playing as V.
  • After crossing the bridge, collect the Nidhog and move into the next area.
  • After reaching the city street, use the Nightmare ability near the building with the large graffiti to break the wall down.
  • Jump into the building and head out the back to find the second Nidhog.
  • Fight through the streets to find the place where the Nidhog hatchling is used, use it and then use the second Nidhog on the left.
  • Climb up the building to the top and look down toward the street to find the secret mission markings.

Secret Mission 4

Challenge: Eliminate all of the demons without getting hit.

  • Secret mission 4 is found during mission 5 when playing as V.
  • Fight through the level until you drop down to a yellow truck.
  • While standing on the yellow truck, summon Nightmare to smash through the wall in front of the vehicle.
  • Defeat the enemies and then climb to the top of the yellow stairs and look over the railing to spot the secret mission marker.

Secret Mission 5

Challenge: Get to the end without touching the ground.

  • Can be found during mission 8 when playing as Nero.
  • Locate the second waterfall elevator and ride it to the top.
  • Jump to the platform on the right and use the Grim Grip orbs to reach the balcony.
  • Drop down to the outside platform, stand in the center, and look back at the window to spot the markings.

Secret Mission 6

Challenge: Eliminate all of the demons in 20 seconds or less.

  • Found during mission 9 when playing as V.
  • Fight through the level to where you must descend down into a cavern, you will likely see the red markings on the ground signifying the secret mission.
  • Look at the roots blocking the path and summon Nightmare to break them.
  • Walk up the stairs at the back and look toward the doorway to activate the secret mission.

Secret Mission 7

Challenge: Kill enemies with a single bullet.

  • Another secret mission can be found when playing as Dante in mission 10.
  • Continue through the level until you enter a room with two irising doors on either side.
  • One door will contain a gold orb and the other leads up to a secret mission.

Secret Mission 8

Challenge: Maintain an S Stylish Rank.

  • This secret mission can be found in mission 11 when playing as Dante.
  • Continue through the mission until you have to destroy a red blood root.
  • Enter the next area and jump up into the building then down to an open room with a checkerboard floor where another root must be destroyed.
  • Jump back up into the building to find the marking on the wall.

Secret Mission 9

Challenge: Stay in the air for 15 seconds.

  • To find this secret mission, play through mission 12 as Dante to where the statue in the blood fountain opens.
  • Descend into the caverns below the statue and follow the path along until you reach the rock steps.
  • Jump up the steps, you will likely see the markings already, turn around and jump over to the ledge and face the markings to spot the secret mission.
  • You may require the Air Hike skill and the Trickster dodge to reach the ledge.

Secret Mission 10

Challenge: Get to the goal without touching the ground.

  • This secret mission is accessed when playing as V during mission 14.
  • Follow the path along to the second blood root and destroy it.
  • Walk into the little dead-end where it was to find the red beacon, turn around, and aim up at the roof to find the markings for the secret mission.

Secret Mission 11

Challenge: Race to the finish.

  • Secret mission 11 is found during mission 15 when playing as Nero.
  • When you get to the divine statue shop, there is a path behind it that leads down to a jumping puzzle gauntlet.
  • Use the Gerbera Devil Breaker to boost up the steep inclines and across the gaps.
  • Stick to the right-hand path and once at the very top, stand on the little outcropping and look up toward the roof to spot the secret mission markers.

Secret Mission 12

Challenge: Collect a set amount of red orbs.

  • The final secret mission is located in mission 16 when playing as Dante.
  • This one is difficult to locate as it is found down one of the many holes in the level.
  • Look out for the lizard demons that spawn, specifically the one that can teleport, after defeating those, the secret mission is found down the next hole.
  • Jump down a couple of ledges, stopping at the one that crumbles away.
  • Jump over to the crumbling ledge, go past the red orb statue, and then drop down to the left to find a little cave.
  • Stand in the cave and aim out to spot the red markings.

You have to play and explore all the mission very carefully to find the secret missions. This is frustrating and time-consuming but the time you have spent will reward you in the form of rewards you with the valuable blur orb fragment.

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