Dishonored 2 – All Runes Location Guide

Rune is one of the most important collectible in Dishonored 2 that you will collect during your gameplay. You need them in-order to upgrade abilities of both characters, Corvo and Emily. You will find runes in different locations some are easy but some of them are really hard to find.

Below we have listed all of them with their location so you can find them without any problem.

A Long Day in Dunwall

The first Rune is found shortly after players encounter the Outsider near the end of the chapter. Continue moving along to collect a Heart. Use this Heart to guide you to your first Rune.

Edge of the World

From the starting point, look for a whale carcass along the wharf, Rune is located inside it.

Buy a Rune from the black market in town. The Black Market can be found by taking your first left when you start the mission, and then following the road.

Overseer building in the canal area has a Rune on a table where someone is speaking to the crowd. Steal it.

Get into the canal near the Overseer building. Look for a gate where the water comes into the canal and break a wooden plank blocking the flow. A Rune slide down toward you

On the 3rd floor of Overseer building, unlock the safe to find the rune. Combination is “516” to unlock.

Just before the canal area, there is a small path to the right, leads you a building. Kill enemies and look for Outsider Shrine on second floor to get this rune.

The Good Doctor

Look for the dining hall, on left side of institute. Kill the enemies and find the rune hung up on the wall by tables.

While on the 4th floor, go outside and look up and Blink/Far Reach up to the rooftop. There is a window back into the building from up there, Rune is inside.

There is a Recuperation Room on 3rd floor, once you have the Key and unlock it and go inside. Destroy first Bloodfly nest and look in the debris for a Rune.

Break the elevator cables and Reach from first floor into elevator shaft. Hop down into the basement and get the Rune on left wall.

On the 4ht floor, go outside walkway and follow your Heart to find an Outsider Shrine, inside one of the small buildings to find this rune.

The Clockwork Mansion

After killing the enemies, which attack on you in a dark alley behind carriage station, look in a damaged piece of furniture in their yard to get the Rune.

Buy or steal the Rune from the black market in the first part of the district.

In Upper Aventa District, you find a Rune. It’s in a dilapidated Bloodfly building, back, inside a desk.

Jindosh’s laboratory has many different modules. When you find that room, use a console to bring up the anatomy module and loot that for a Rune.

While in the main part of the district, after seeing the Guards. Turn left and look for a building near some civilians. Go inside and look for an Outsider Shrine on the third floor.

The Royal Conservatory

Buy a Rune from the black market, on the left side of town.

On the 2nd floor of Conservatory, look for a room overtaken by plants near front of building, you will find the rune inside it.

There is a terrace above Ashworth’s office, where you will find this rune.

Inside the basement you will find the Archive Key, which unlocks the Archives near the stairs and elevator, you will find the rune there.

An Outsider Shrine is on the corner of the map. Pass the first Wall of Light and climb to the top of the building on your right. Blink from that roof to an apartment at the edge of the map. Disable multiple traps in the dark room you reach, and then Blink to the upper level of the apartment.

The Dust District

Leave Captain Foster building and drop to street level. Turn around and break through a door on the ground floor of the same structure, look for a hidden locker to get this rune.

Enter Dust District and look for a condemned building on the left. Blink to second floor balcony and search for the Rune there.

A locked evidence room is on second floor of Overseer building. Look for the Key in a barracks/medical room. The Key is held by one of the Overseers in there. Unlock the room and steal the Rune and a few other goodies.

3rd floor of Crone’s Hand Saloon has an office apartment. Search that for an Outsider Shrine.

Crack in the Slab

Enter the mansion and climb to the second floor. Use your Heart to locate a Rune in a room behind you.

In the basement search for a Valve’s wheel. Grab that and throw it through a hole in the brick wall. Transition to present and jump through the wall to get the wheel. Dive into a submerged room, attach the wheel to its valve, and turn the wheel. This gets rid of the water and you will find the Rune.

On the 2nd floor of the mansion, look for a window with a Document on it. Repairs to window. Go into the past and kill the Worker and Guard standing by the same window. Window will now be gone in the present. Climb onto a small set of vines to get over to another broken window. Go inside and transition to the past again. Deal with three Guards in the room, and take your Rune.

The Grand Palace

Look for an apartment building with Windmill that powers Wall of Light. From the roof, Blink down to an apartment balcony underneath the Windmill. Clear the nests inside that apartment and get a Rune from the bathroom.

On the first floor of the palace, there is a First Captain’s suite. Get the combination from the Duke’s suite several floors up and then unlock the safe later when you come downstairs again inside the Captain’s suite, where you will find the rune.

Look for an abandoned storage area in the palace. Entrance is located at the side of private gardens, break through a barricade to go inside. Descend until the water and use your Heart to locate Rune.

Leave the black market using the front door. Look right and get up onto a few rocks. Search the grassy area above until you find a set of wooden boards. Break them open and look inside the small cave for an Outsider Shrine.

Death to the Empress

Purchase a Rune from the last black market shop in the game. It overlooks the harbor where you land.

There is building locate to the left, just before entering Dunwall Tower, filled with pipes. Slip in through a tiny window and take down both of them, look for a cubby beside a walkway. Drop through the cubby and grab the Rune below it.

Security room is in Dunwall Tower cellar; it’s at the back-right side of the building. Get down there and look on top of the pipes for a Rune.

While you’re in Dunwall Streets, look for a damaged building on the left (near the end of the road). Blink up through several exposed floors and kill a Witch up top. Cross the street using some beams, and clear out the apartment ahead. Turn a Barometer inside the apartment to open a secret door. An Outsider Shrine is within.

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