Fallout 76 – Where to Find Power Armors Frames Guide

In order to complete a Power Armor you need to find and collect all its frames, which you can find at different locations in different zones, with each frame you will also get a Fusion Core, which you need to use the Power Armor.

Below you will find the complete detail of each frame of every single power armor with the location, where you can find it. If it’s not there, it may be taken by another player, so keep checking.

Region 1: The Forest

Zone B: Northwest Forest and Point Pleasant

Location: WV Lumber Co.

  • You can find it inside one of the two Power Armor Stations, look for a large metal warehouse, near the interior stairs, facing Nuka-Cola machine.

Location: Aaronholt Homestead

  • You can find it inside the shed by the 3 silos, located in Power Armor Station.

Location: Black Mountain Ordnance Works

  • You can find it inside one of the locked dome interiors, located to the northeast of the works site Nuka-Cola Power Armor.

Location: Point Pleasat

  • Raider: You can find it in the power armor station, look for the garage below the ruined bridge, at street level, here you will find it

Zone C: Morgantown and Eastern Forest

Location: Gorge Junkyard

  • Raider: You can find it inside the locked green trailer amid the junk.

Location: Morgantown Trainyard

  • You can find it inside the USA Star green carriage with the crane above it, located on the east side of main warehouse.

Location: Mama Dolce’s Food Processing

  • You can find it in the Power Armor Station, look for a booby-trapped warehouse, located southwest of Food Processing building.

Location: Mama Dolce’s Food Processing

  • You can find it in secret Fujiniya Intelligence Base, located in locked Armory Closet, by the Main Processing room.

Location: Grafton Dam

  • You can find it in Power Armor Station, inside the metal storage shed, located in the parking lot just outside the main Dam building.

Location: Arktos Pharma

  • You can find it in Power Armor Station behind the Security Gate, located in vertipod Loading Dock, in the upper floor interior area.

Zone D: Southwest Forest

Location: Silva Homestead

  • You can find it in Power Armor Station, located inside silo barn with the tractors and Weapons Workbenches.

Location: New River Gorge Bridge – West

  • Raider: You can find it in Power Armor Station, in the locked storage area below the start of the west span of the bridge.

Location: Lewis & Sons Farming Supply

  • This one is located on the left of the stairs, in the Power Armor Station, located inside the tractor barn warehouse.

Location: Kanawha Nuka-Cola Plant

  • You can find it in Power Armor Station, which is located in sunken Loading Dock chamber.

Location: Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06

  • You can find it inside locked Security Gate closet, located in basement workroom, adjacent to a Tinker’s Workbench.

Zone E: Charleston and Surroundings

Location: Hornwright Industrial Headquarters

  • This one is at the bottom of the basement stairs, located in alcove next to two Docking Station Vending Machines.

Location: Wade Airport

  • Raider: You can find it inside the locked and plasma mine blue trailer, located on the southwestern corner of the runway.

Location: Wade Airport

  • You can find it in the corner of the last curve-roofed hangar before the end of the runway, on the north side of the airport, located near the ruined fuselage.

Region 2: Toxic Valley

Location: The Crosshair

  • Raider: this one is standing in the narrow alcove, above the cooking station to find this one.

Location: Eastern Regional Penitentiary

  • This one is standing in Power Armor Station, located inside mechanic’s warehouse in the middle of the prison yard.

Location: Clarksburg

  • Raider: You can find it in upper mechanic’s room, next to a green trunk chest, in the small engine repair shop, which you can access by the roof and fire escape steps.

Location: Black Bear Lodge

  • You can find it inside exterior small red barn with the fallen tree on it, this one is standing between a barrel and chevron road sign.

Location: Crashed Space Station

  • Raider: Southeast, on the upper edge of the crater, standing outside a compact lookout shack.

Region 3: The Ash Heap

Zone A: Beckley and Mount Blair

Location: Camden Park

  • Raider: You can find it in the Power Armor Station, located in Raider camp within the rollercoaster.

Location: Belching Betty

  • You can find it inside small concrete hut with the Fire Marshall Protectron, which is located near the mine entrance.

Location: The Rusty Pick

  • Raider: this one is behind the locked double doors at the east end of the mine tunnel.

Location: Beckley

  • This one is standing by the military APC, located on the south side of the central Raider wall.

Location: Abandoned Mine Shaft Elaine

  • This one is in Power Armor Station, located outside the curve-roofed locker room structure.

Location: Mount Blair Trainyard

  • This one is in Power Armor Station which is located by the Tinker’s Workbench, next to the entrance door, just on the south side of the main building.

Location: Mount Blair

  • This one is located inside the large, double-garage warehouse with the bulldozer parked inside.

Location: Rollins Work Camp

  • This one is located outside in a Power Armor Station attached to the outer exterior of the southwest orange-and-white trailer hut.

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