Far Cry 5 – Guns For Hire Guide

While you are traveling through Hope County, you can find some very cool guys with very cool and deadly weapons, you can get them on hire and can use them to fight on your side. These guys appear on the map with a radio message when your cursor hovers over their location. They are typically tied to story missions or to liberating a certain location.

Below we have the full list of these guys that you can get on hire and can use them, which the detail, where and how you can find them.

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Grace Armstrong

  • Class: Sniper
  • Location: Holland Valley – Lamb of God Church


Boom Boom

  • Her sniper shots will scare enemies.

Friend Sight

  • Her laser sight is easier to distinguish.

You can find the Grace at the Lamb of God Church in Holland Valley, clear out the enemies and start his mission, help him and complete the mission to get Grace on your team.

Nick Rye

  • Class: Pilot
  • Location: Holland Valley – Rye & Sons Aviation


Bomb’s Away

  • You want a bomb? He’ll drop it.

Light ’Em Up

  • You want a strafing run? Look out.

Go to the Rye & Sons Aviation and defeat the cultists attacking his home. Complete his missions and he will join you.

Hurk Drubman Jr

  • Class: RPG
  • Location: Whitetail Mountains – Fort Drubman


Heat Seeker

  • RPGs will track air and land vehicles

Junk It

  • RPGs on vehicles are more destructive.

Go to the Fort Drubman in Whitetail Mountains and speak to Hurk Drubman Sr. to start his mission, complete it and at the end you will have him in your team.

Jess Black

  • Class: Hunter
  • Location: Whitetail Mountains – Baron Lumber Mill



  • Enemies will have a harder time detecting her.

Feral Friendly

  • Wild animals see her as one of their own.

Once you liberate the Baron Lumber Mill in Whitetail Mountains, you will start the Jess Black’s mission. Speak to her at the lumber mill, she asks you to help her track down a cultist named “the Cook.” Help her to get her in your team.

Adelaide Drubman

  • Class: Pilot
  • Location: Henbane River – Drubman Marina


Call a Chopper

  • When called on, will deliver a helicopter.

Less Reload

  • Gun + big magazine = more shooting.

Once you have liberate the Drubman Marina in the Henbane River region, speak to Adelaide Drubman, she asks you to hunt down her prized helicopter Tulip, which was stolen from her. Help her.

Sharky Boshaw

  • Class: Heavy Flamer
  • Location: Henbane River—Moonflower Trailer Park


Fire It Up

  • Attacks will have an extra spark to it.


  • Resistant to most explosions and impacts.

Speak with Sharky at Moonflower Trailer Park in the Henbane River region, he wants your help in defeating the Angels that always come when he plays his music. He will join you after you finish his job.

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